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WPS54GU2 Connection to WRVS4400N Router

Please Help if possible.  I have been on the phone with various tech support groups with Linksys for 4 hours.


I have an older WPS54GU2 print server that was working fine with my old router.  I have replaced router that went bad with a new Linksys WRVS4400N.  I have a XP desktop and a Linksys WAP4410N also connected to the router.


On the UI (user-interface) for the router I can see the Wired connections (green on SETUP SUMMARY) for the WAN, WAP, and the PC; however, the Wireless Router does not show that it is connected.


The same printer is connected to the print server and I can print wirelessly via a Windows XP laptop; however, I have two MAC laptops that had previously printed wirelessly through the print server with the old router.  The "senior" technical support engineers moved me back on forth saying it was the router configuration or the Print Server Configuration. 


New Router SSID was renamed exactly with the name of the old router and prints fine with an XP laptop just not the MAC laptops. 

If someone could assist me, I would appreciate it.  My teenage daughters (with the MACs) are "freaking out" that they can't print wirelessly.


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Re: WPS54GU2 Connection to WRVS4400N Router

1. From Apple->System Preferences->Print & Fax, I added a printer by clicking the + button.

2. In the IP tab, I chose Line Printer Daemon (LPD) as the protocol, 192.168.1.x Check the IP address of your WPS54GU2 (I am sure this works because it's what I used to configure the Windows XP laptop) as the address, L1 as both Queue and Name, and ML-2250 as the printer. I left the Location blank.

3. After that a printer named L1 appeared on the left of the Print & Fax window.