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WPS54GU2 & Dell 924 printer

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Ok you tech guys and Lady's....
Lets find a solution for this "PLEASE" !!!!!

I can not find a way to print with the WPS54GU2 to the 924. In the Web utility it "Dose" recognize the 924 and reports on the Printer Tab / printer; "Connected Printer: Photo AIO Printer 924
Status: On-Line Printing Information: Idle", however it will not print a test page. I am useing the Wireless-G Cable Gateway WCG200 to talk to it.

The WPS54GU2 has been working for me with no problems with any other printer I have used. It just can be a @^$%*!@ to set up at times but other than that it's been great.

However, I need a print server to work with a Hp LaserJet 4 and the Dell 924. Any suggestions would be "Greatly" appreciated. Even another printserver.

Common Linksys R&D, Engineers & Techs... please find a solution!!!!


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Re: WPS54GU2 & Dell 924 printer

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Hi I had some major difficulties connecting my Dell 944 to the Print server. But it turned out to work.
I have to version 2.0 of the WPS54GS

1. Installed the printer to the computer just like would use it without Print Server.

2. Follow the Web Install.
But when I came to point where it should be wireless, I always got an error because I was unable to set the WEP encryption key right. It always asked for the passphrase.
Here I installed Bi Admin utility, pluged the ethernet wire back into the print server and manually configured the WEP key to the print server.
This work and said that I could print a test page. But didn't print anything.

3. Now I installed the PTP Port Server Driver.

4. Connecting other computer to the printer:
This did the job and I'm able to print. With every computer I needed to print wireless from I had to physical connect the printer to that computer and install it just like in step 1.
Then run the PTP (Print Server Driver)

This did work for me with my Dell 944 Photo printer.

However you are unable to use it's full features like fax and scanner with this Linksys Print Server WPS54G.

I'm going to get my hands on Dell Wireless Print Server 3300 which is fully capable of using all the printers all in one features.

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Re: WPS54GU2 & Dell 924 printer -- TRY THIS?

 Configure Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) firewall to allow network scanning.
To configure the Windows XP SP2 firewall to allow network scanning, perform the following steps:
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel and then open the Windows Firewall icon.
  2. Click the Exceptions tab.
  3. Check the box labeled Dell 962 Server then then click the Edit button.
    The Edit a Program window opens in which the name and path of the program being reconfigured is shown.
  4. Click the Change Scope button
    The default access is Any Computer (including those on the internet).
  5. Adjust access requirements as needed from among the following selections:
    • Any Computer (including those on the Internet) is the highest risk setting.
    • My network (subnet) only allows access only to those on the same subnet as your PC and WPA.
    • Custom list: further restricts access to only the IP addresses added and if needed, the subnet mask.
  6. Click OK, click OK, and then click OK again.
  7. Restart the computer.
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Re: WPS54GU2 & Dell Photo AIO 940 Printer

Is this printer Dell Photo AIO 840 Printer compatible with the WPS54G?