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WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

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I've updated firmware and install wizard software, reset many times trying all sorts of different things and this print server just refuses to connect wirelessly.


I have connected via wire to my router (Actiontec - FIOS) and was able to print through the print server to my printer.


I set the IP address of the print server to static lease in my router settings and set the IP address on the router config page to static.


All tests fine... Until I remove the power and ethernet cord and plug back in to try wirelessly. The SSID is correct the WEP Key is correct, I am infrastructure and auto channel, all is correct.


However, once wireless, the server no longer connects to the router. Install wizard would fail with no connection also.


I have been all over the print server settings and my router settings, nothing at all. I have scoured Google and only dead ends or things I've already tried that didn't work. Anything else maybe?

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Re: WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

OK, after spending the whole day dinkering around with settings, reading, researching, I finally found what my problem was. Ambiguous Linksys manual!


In it, it clearly said that if one wants to use WEP key, they should select "Shared". Nope, when I selected "Open", that seemed to do the trick. Another things I did, which I don't think had anything to do with it but just in case.....


I disconnected the USB cable from the print server when pluggiong back in the power without the ethernet cable, to fire up the wireless.


Adding printers was funky too, I had to add a local computer, then add a new port and point to the IP address of my print server, select the driver from the list. Like this procedure from


2. Configure each client computer (Windows).

(1) Control Panel, Printers

(2) Right-click in a blank area of the window. 

(3) Choose Run as Administrator, Add a printer. 

(4) Add a local printer (not networked). 

(5) Create port. Standard TCP/IP port. 

(6) Give the address you chose earlier (I used "Query the printer" will probably not work, but there's no harm in leaving it checked. 

(7) Assuming the querying failed, choose "Generic Network Card". 

(8) From the menu of printers, pick the one you have. Your Done!



On a Mac, I did this (from Gollum):


I was adding a Brother HL5340D series printer and selected the B-Script3 drivers which worked.


So now everything is working. I'm sort of glad, but I wish I could get my day back  :/


I wish cisco-linksys would make better documentation.

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Re: WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

I have same issue, (setup program refuses to detect the print server) tried both shared and open on WEP setting, does not make a difference.  I ended up accessing the setup program from a wired iMAC using the IP address for the print server.  I can print from both of my Apple computers (one wired and one wireless) but I cannot print from any XP based machine. Any ideas?

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Re: WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

How did you setup the printserver with your apple computers? As far as I know there are still no print server drivers that was designed for mac operating system? What is the model of your printer? And have you installed the printer drivers as well as the print server (WPSM) drivers in the windows xp computer?

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Re: WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

I have the same issue, but the solution mentioend does not work.

I cna connect wired, but once I disconenct the wire, and power off and back on, it doesn't seem to connect to my wireless LAN.

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Re: WPSM54G Just will NOT connect wirelessly

Hi RamboPreacher,


What is your router? What are the settings of your wireless LAN? I believe you followed the workaround mentioned on this thread but it didn't work so let's check other possible cause. But before we could go ahead with it, we need details..

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