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WPSM54G Printing Issues (MFC-7340)... please help



I have couple of printing issues with print server (linksys WPSM54G).




1. Connected USB Printer (MFC-7340) to Print server ( static IP has been given.

2. Wired connection from print server to Wireless router (verizon)


Wireless setting is changed to WPA -(TIKS) (before it was WEP)


PC1: Is wired to wireless router with ethernet cable and configured the print server successfully and ( i can print)


PC2 is laptop (which is wireless) and i can ping the print server and when i print it prints blank page and then i toggle the firewall (ON - OFF and OFF - ON) then it prints.


The printer icon in the tray shows it is offline but when i go to print server admin and check the printer ithe status is online.


Issue 1:

From wireless laptop when i issue the print command it prints but blank page until i play around with firewall settings.


Issue 2 (when i make print server wireless):

When i disconnect the print server from  router and make it wireless i can not ping or go to print server admin page either from PC1 (wired to wireless router) or from LAPTOP (wireless).


I checked the port it is using RAW 9100. Also noticed the firmware ver is 1010 i think. I did configure the printer by selecting local printer/standard TCP/IP.. and selected the printer from the list)


Really appreciate any help on this.. I want to make use of this print server.....please....




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Re: WPSM54G Printing Issues (MFC-7340)... please help

I think it might be the issue with the wireless settings. You can try to reset and reconfigure the print server.

Press and hold the reset button on the print server for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds. Power cycle the print server and try to reconfigure it.