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WPSM54G - Setup does not see printer server

I have a WPSM54G print server and in the setup wizard it does not detect the print server. I can see the printer server in the DHCP tables in my Linksys router. I have tried hard reseting the print server, rebooted my XP pc, and reset my printer. I can also ping the print server.
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Re: WPSM54G - Setup does not see printer server

This basically happens when the Firewall and Anitivirus Software on your Computer is Turn On... So disable the Firewall and Antivirus on your Computer and then Run the setup again on your Computer...


If you are able to Ping the IP address of the Print Server... Then you can Configure all the settings on your Print Server manually..


Open IE on your Computer and in the address bar type the IP address of your WPSM54G and hit enter, Leave Username blank & in Password use admin in lower case...


Once login to the Print Server setup page, you can Match the Wireless Settings of your Router to the WPSM..... Once done then you can set the Static IP to your WPSM i.e Once done with this settings...


Now Run the setup on your Computer again... and Click on "Setup Computer" this will Install the all the Drivers related to your Print Server...


If stil you are unable to Run the setup on your Computer.. Click Here and follow the instruction how to add the Print Server port on your Computer. 

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Re: WPSM54G - Setup does not see printer server

the manual setting works. Now how to use scanner and fax ?