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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

I have the same print server and different printer and I still cannot get it to work. Linksys says that this model does not support Mac.
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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

Just talked with Tech Support and they told me the same thing. Does not work with a Mac Gary
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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

I got it to work on the first try. I have a WPSM54g . I installed it on my PC following the CD based instructions. I set the router and printserver to use a fixed IP address not a dymanic one. Tested ok on the PC side. Followed the original tip to add to the Mac, OSX Leopard and again it printed on the first try. I have had the printer directly installed on the Mac before. HP Officejet 6210 MFP.  I didn't get the option to use that exact driver but used the gimp HP 6110 driver instead Lucky me    Yeayhhh!!!
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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

in the print server web base Utility

under The Protocol Tab - NetBEUI

Domain Name - Needs to your workgroup name

Hope this helps!


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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

I was hoping someone could aid me with my issue. I have the Linksys WPSM54G with 2 Windows Vista Machines, and 1 Mac, i believe OSX 10 or something, maybe leopard. I have set the WPS to a static ip of, and the Windows Vista machines work fine. Suprisingly I have gotten the Mac to communicate with the printer and print word documents/excel files. BUT... When I try to print an e-mail from the mac, the pages come out all in code and everything after that prints out in code until I power cycle the print server and the printer. Does anyone have any idea about why only when I try to print e-mails does it mess everything up and print out a bunch of nonsense code? By the way I have the correct driver for the printer on the Mac.
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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

Thanks for the tips, it looks like I have communication with the printer, but unfortunately the printer just starts spitting out blank pages and sticks at 19% complete.  I downloaded the most current print driver for my EPSON CX-8400 from the EPSON site, but to no avail.  Any ideas?
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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

Hi All !


I think that I've found if not final at leat partial solution to this problem.

I have Leoprad 10.5 and was trying to print on HP DeskJet 920c connected to WPSM54G. Tips I've found on internet suggested setting up the printer using LPD or  IPP protocols but the only thing I was able to achieve was 1 (literally "one") guess first print job to be printed.Than the printer wouldn't print anything else - had to switch printserver off  and on again.

Luckily I was able to find solution which works for my HP 920c - guess other HP and hopefully other printers too.

After choosing "System Preferences" than "Print & Fax" and "+"mark to add the printer in newly opened printer setup window choose "More Printers" icon at the top than choose "HP IP Printing" - as a matter of fact that was the only option I could choose in my Mac. Than click "Manual", input your WPSM54G IP address and click"Connect" button. Than below IP number you have entered you will see info about your printer that is it's name, kind and address. Click "Add" and you are done. Hope this will help someone Smiley Happy

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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh

Tested on OS 10.4 - 10.6 WPSMG54 Firmware 10.19 with Brother MFC 7420

Create printer and choose

Protocol: Line Printer Daemon

Queue _ip_ip_ip_ip (i.e.. _10_10_10_10)
Select your printer driver

Give it a convenient name


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Re: WPSM54G and Macintosh


I have three macs (2 minis and a macbook pro) running 10.6 and 10.7.

I configured my linksys print server and it prints from all three computers BUT I get a junk page printed out between print jobs. I used the most updated drivers on the computer and I set up the router with a PC laptop but how do I get rid of the junk pages?

They basically say: