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WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

I've just migrated to Windows 7 (Home Premium) and found that my WPSM54G driver(s) won't install.  The installer error message is essentially: Windows 7 is not supported.  Is there any way to override this behavior?  My guess is that the driver(s) will work just fine, if they could only be installed.  Alternatively, when is Linksys likely to fix the problem?
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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

Yes, Linksys; I finally get rid of that awful Vista and now I can't use the WPSM54G to print!
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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

BTW, I installed my Laserjet 2200d as a TCP/IP network printer and it works OK, but not the same as the Linksys PS drivers.
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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

You can install the Print Server manually...Try the following steps......


Connections : Printer - Printserver- Router...Make sure your Printer drivers are installed...

Press and hold the Reset button of the PrintServer for three seconds and then release it. This will automatically send a diagnostic test page to the printer connected.

Look for the IP address on the printed test page. If you are using a Linksys router with a default IP address of, the PrintServer should be getting an IP range of 192.168.1.x as well indicating that it is properly obtaining an IP address from the network.

Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer. Type “http://<IP address obtained from the test page>” on the Address bar then press [Enter]. In this example, we used as the IP address obtained from the test page.

A new window will prompt for a User name and Password. Leave the User name space blank, type in your PrintServer’s password (“admin” is the default password), then click OK.

Once Login to the Printserver Setup page, click Protocol tab...Select Use the following IP address and enter the settings on the screen below. In this example, we used as the new IP address for the PrintServer. Under Subnet Mask enter the Subnet Mask that the router is using. In this example, we used as the new Subnet Mask for the PrintServer.Under Gateway enter the IP address of the router. In this example, we used as the new Gateway for the PrintServer and click on Apply.

Once you are done with this settings this means you Printserver is configure properly...

Now you need to Add the Ports on your Computer for your Printserver.

Open Control Panel in WIndows 7 and open the "Printers" folder. Right click on the "Printer Name" and click on Properties and below you need to click on "Add Port" and click on Next and in the next screen, click on "Create a new port". At the "Type of Port" prompt, use the drop-down and select "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click next.

Under "Device Type" use the drop-down and select "TCP/IP device". The Hostname or IP address for this device will be the address assigned in the Protocol tab on the administration web page. Click the box that will allow the O/S to query the printer for the appropriate driver and click "Next".

The "Additional Port Inforrmation" screen should open. Click on "Custom" and then "Settings". Protocol = LPR and LPR settings are: Queue Name = LP1 and check on "LPR Byte Counting Enabled". Leave "SNMP Status Enabled" unchecked. Click Ok and Ok. Once you are back to your Printer Folder, Close all the windows and restart your Computer.

Now open anyone of your Documents and try to give a Print Command, and you should get the printout.

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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

This was very helpful but the Windows7 portion is a little different in Windows7 Professional. 

There is not a Printers folder it is Devices and Printers

When you right click on the printer you need to make sure and select Printer Properties and not just Properties.

Then Select the Ports Tab and click Add Port...

Select Standard TCP/IP Port and click New Port and a Wizard starts up.

Click Next to start Wizard.

Enter the IP address of the Print server and give it a name, click Next.

Select Custom and click Settings.

Select LPR under Protocol.

Enter LP1 for Queue Name.

Check LPR Byte Counting Enabled and click OK.

Click Next

Click Finish, then Close, then Apply and Close.

Then Reboot and test your printer.


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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

[ Edited ]

I have followed these instructions very carefully but I am not able to get my printer to respond.  Is there anything else I need to do?  Any suggestions as to what I maybe overlooking?


If I log into the print server in my web browser and use the "print test page" button on the status page the printer will print a blank page.  This is the same thing that happens when you use the reset button to print a diagnostic page.  So I am able to communicate with the printer, but not print anything in the printer queue.

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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

I have solved my problem (see above) and hopefully this will help anyone else with the same problem.


Right Click on your printer, choose "See What's Printing",  then in the new window select "Printer", next uncheck "Use Printer Offline." 

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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

This problem IS NOT solved by the above. Sure you can print with this option, but what about scanning and faxing? The WPSM54G is an ALL IN ONE sever and not just a print server. When is Linksys going to get updated software out? Why am I ALWAYS having issues with Linksys products that are software or firmware based.  
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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7

I agree, sure I can print but what about scanning and faxing?  Where is Linksys on this issue?  I just bought a new D-Link router because of previous problems like this with Linksys products. 
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Re: WPSM54G drivers won't install on Windows 7 PLEASE HELP!

Hi Klatch,


I saw this post today and thought my windows7-linksys prayers were answered.  You seem like you know more than the linksys techs anyway.


I just need a clarification or two.


I am a college student who just purchased windows7.  I have been waiting until Jan. or so to do a clean custom install of w7 (i'm not messing with my operating system mid semester).


Right now I am running an XP desktop and a Vista 32bit SP2 inspiron dell 1420 laptop.

I have a WRT54GS router and a WPSM54G print server. My printer is an HP photosmart 8400 series.

Although i have w7 professional purchased it is not installed.


Right now my desktop works fine connected wirelessly with the print server, printer, and router. 

It does multifunction as well.


My Laptop is working smoothly as well, but without multifunction because there is not a multifunction driver for my printer with vista.  However, I did see that there is a multifunction driver for w7.  If i use that one and only have my print server working for straight printing will there be a compatibility problem with straight printing and a multifunction driver?


Not wanting to mess anything up with my desktop or print server, I don't want to have to go into the server's settings (ie subnet mask, MAC address etc.)


Can I just follow the steps that you listed starting at Opening the control panel in windows 7?


Are your suggestions the same as these? 


Will opening the ports that you and these instructions mentioned do anything to compromise the security of my computer?


Do I need any special drivers or software, i do not have any linksys software installed on my laptop now and it works fine.  Most importantly, WILL IT WORK??? I just need to do straight wireless printing at least until linksys comes out with a fix of their own.



Linksys thinks it might work but they aren't firm.


Do you think there will be any problems with my router and windows 7?


Please do whatever you can to help.