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Re: WPSM54g v1.1 - upgrade to firmware 1019 and system breaks

ok guys here's what happened. WPSM54gv1.1 doesnt have any upgrae to the current firmware (1017) neither software(v1.0) so for windows 7 64 bit support i took the 1019 firmware from WPSM54gv1.0 and used it to upgrade WPSM54gv1.1 from 1017 to 1019. then the printserver installed fine but the software version 1.0 cant see it when you try to set up the computer. the software version 2.0 is available for download the same place i got firmware1019 at WPSM54gv1.0 downloads page.

installed softwre version 2.0 and everythng work beautifully.

going to test 64 bit capability now

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Re: WPSM54g v1.1 - upgrade to firmware 1019 and system breaks

If your WPSM54G hardware is Version 1.1, then you need to download version 1018 of the firmware. The firmware version 1019 is for WPSM54G hardware version 1.0.  Here is what you need to do on a system with Windows XP:


1. Go to the link below and remember to download both the utility and the firmware.


3. Connect the Router to the computer and the Print Server to the router.


4. Update the firmware from the browser utility at address (depends on your system) and look under the status tab.


5. After upgrading the firmware reset the Print Server by disconnecting the power adapter from the Print Sever and holding the reset button for five seconds as you reconnect the power adapter.


6. Remember to uninstall the old utility and restart your system before proceeding.


7. Make sure you have installed the printer divers before installing the Print Server software.. This is usually done by connecting the printer directly to the computer through the USB port.  


8. Run the install utility and follow instructions step by step. Otherwise you will continue to run into problems.


9. Restart and wait for your system to load completely.


10. Check the Print Server icon on the system notification area (by the system clock).


11. If it has a green dot you are done.


12. If the dot is red use the diagnostic function by clicking on the icon twice.


13. Disconnect and reconnect power and wait for the wireless USB and Power to go green.


14. Retry. You may try repositioning the Print Sever.


15. That's as far as I can go for now. Good luck!!! I hope this helps.





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Re: WPSM54g v1.1 - upgrade to firmware 1019 and system breaks

I was attempting to install the WPSM54G printserver on my new Windows 7 PC. The firmware version at the start of the ordeal was 1014.


First I attempted to install the printer based on the instructions found here:

It still didn't work, because the firmware is 1014 and 1014 doesn't support the LPR protoccol.


I then installed the 1019 firmware which then caused my WPSM54G printserver to disconnect from my wireless network whenever the USB was connected - like when I plugged it into my printer. When the USB was disconnected, the printserver autoconnected to the wireless network. When I plugged the printer into the USB port the wireless light went out and it disconnected.


I found an older firmware version here:

The link contains both the 1018 Firmware and the 1017 Firmware. I am pretty confident I don't have hardware version 1.1, so I used the 1017 firmware.


So, my solution is:


1. Install the printer on your new computer via the normal process.

2. Press and hold the reset button while your printserver is connected to your printer. This will generate a settings page via your printer telling you the printserver's IP address.

3. Upgrade your printserver to at least the 1017 firmware - found at the link above, this adds the LPR Support.


Connect your printserver to your network hub via cable

On your webbrowser type the IP address (obtained in step 2) into the address bar

The default username is blank and the password is 'admin' (without the ')

Click on status  - this will tell you what version of firmware you are running.

Click Upgrade to change the firmware.  You can revert the 1019 firmware back to an older version via this process.


4. Follow these instructions to modify the printer settings (on your Windows 7 computer) obtained via step 1.


look at Devices and Printers

When you right click on the printer you need to make sure and select Printer Properties and not just Properties.

Then Select the Ports Tab and click Add Port...

Select Standard TCP/IP Port and click New Port and a Wizard starts up.

Click Next to start Wizard.

Enter the IP address of the Print server and give it a name, click Next.

Select Custom and click Settings.

Select LPR under Protocol.

Enter P1 for Queue Name.

Check LPR Byte Counting Enabled and click OK.

Click Next

Click Finish, then Close, then Apply and Close.

Then Reboot and test your printer.


5. I had to run the diagnostic (found when you open the printserver utility) on one of my Windows XP computers. It reinstalled the printserver drivers and my entire network is back to the wireless printing it previously enjoyed.