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old EPSX3 - no IP communications or diagnostic print?

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I'm trying to put an old EPSX3 back into service, but I can't seem to get it to play on an IP network.  The ethernet link comes up, but it never requests a DHCP address.  The 'hold the reset for 3 seconds' doesn't print anything to the HP LaserJet 5p it's connected to, although the red 'error' LED flashes briefly.  I can't tell that doing several attempts at factory reset has done anything - including the 'disconnect everything, hold the button in for 10 sec, unplug for 10, power up and wait 10 to release' technique.  I see it attempting to communicate via IPX if I monitor the switch port it is using, but no ARP, DHCP or any other non-IPX traffic.  I haven't tried the bi-admin software, as I don't have a windows box handy - I'm running ubuntu.


Is there anything else I can attempt before I consider it broken and toss it?

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Re: old EPSX3 - no IP communications or diagnostic print?

May be the last option which you can try is to Hard Reset your EPSX3. Press and hold the reset button for 60 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your EPSX3, wait for 60 seconds and re-connect the power cable..After this you can check if its working or not. 

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Re: old EPSX3 - no IP communications or diagnostic print?

To hardware reset can't help for your problem. This way can't make EPSX3 reset to default settings.

The best way is finding one Windows PC which has NetBEUI protocol.

Then install Bi-Admin on this Windows. Start Bi-Admin and select NetBEUI to find EPSX3.

This way should be able to find it then change its IP Address you want.

Then you can use LPR printing on Ubantu.