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remote printing with EFSP42

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I would like to print directly to the print server (Linksys EFSP42) remotely from my laptop with Windows XP.
What is the IP address and port of the print server.
I set the base address at for the EFSP42 print server.
My understanding is port: 4010 is LPT 1  and port: 4020 is LPT 2.
Under Win XP "add printer" it asks for the printer URL. What would be the proper and complete address for LPT 1. I tried and I tried but none worked.
Once I can print from the router side of the network, I will configure the router to Forward the network address to the printer address ( or the correct one).
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Re: remote printing with EFSP42

Hi… I think you need not add a network printer however you may require to install normal printer and add the standard TCP/IP port to it. And provide this IP address in Port Name.

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Re: remote printing with EFSP42

Thanks (it was what I needed),
For Win XP this worked for me.
1. Set up the printer as a local printer
2. Select printer properties
3. Select "port" tab
   Select "add port"
   Scroll down to "Standard TCP/IP Port"
    Click on "New Port"
4. In "add standard TCP/IP printer port wizard "
    click "next" button
4.1 In "add Port"  dialogue box
    Enter EFSP42 IP Address (ie
    Enter "name" (ie EFSP42 network) 
   Click "next" button
4.2 In "additional port information" dialogue box
       Select "custom" device button and  click "settings"
4.3 In "port setting" dialogue box
        set port = "4010" for LPT #1  or "4020" for LPT #2
        protocol should be "raw"
5.0  Set up Router to translate external port (i.e. 4010) to internal print
       server IPSmiley Tongueort  (ie