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wpsm54g wont receive ip address from Westell 7500

I have reset the wpsm54g, but it shows for ip and subnet.


Windows xp, westell 7500, wpsm54g firmware


At this point I'd be happy to assign a static ip on this device, but i cant even do that

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Re: wpsm54g wont receive ip address from Westell 7500

Unplug the Print Server's power adapter.

Press the Reset button while you plug in the Print Server's power adapter.  Continue to hold the Reset button for 10 seconds and then release it.

This will reset the password, wireless, and other settings on the Print Server to the factory defaults.

Connect the print server to the router with the Ethernet cable. Connect the printer to the print server.

Power cycle the print server and now check the DHCP client table of your router to find the IP address of the print server.

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Re: how do i connect print server to the wireless router without network cable?

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