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Can I use several RE1000 extenders in cascade?

I am trying to extend the range of my home network to reach both floors above mine. I've been given 3 linksys re1000 range extenders but I can't understand if they can work in a cascade. I can get one working perfectly fine, but fail with the others. It looks like the second extender I add further away tries to connect to the main router (thus having poor to none signal) instead of the first extender (which gives a good signal as I tested with my laptop).


Is it possible to make them work in sequence?


I have tried manually configuring each of the extenders, giving different IP addresses, I installed them and I got to the computer on the farthest side of the home: it was showing strong signal, connected to the wireless network, gave me about 20 seconds of very fast browsing, then I was disconnected. I can reconnect but the link is very unstable, and keeps dropping.


Thanks for any help

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Re: Can I use several RE1000 extenders in cascade?

Well, if you want to add three RE1000 sequentially then follow the following settings. To ensure the proper configuration of the range expander, you need to know the wireless settings of your router or access point. These settings are:



• Wireless Channel

• Wireless Security and Network Key


# Connect your computer to the Ethernet port of your RE1000 using an Ethernet cable. Plug your RE1000 to the power outlet. Make sure the LED lights are stable.

# Launch a web browser and enter its default IP address If your computer has defined a default startup page on your browser, the dialog box asking for a username and password will automatically appear.

# You will be prompted with a window asking for a username and password. Leave the User Name blank and enter “admin” in the Password field.

# Click OK or Log In.

# Do the wireless settings and click on save settings.

# Then provide the static IP to the range Expander and the Default Gateway as the IP address of the first RE1000.

# Then click on save settings.


So doing the settings in the same manner for the third RE1000 will work sequentially.


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Re: Can I use several RE1000 extenders in cascade?

Hello brickmonkey, thank you for your answer.


The problem I'm facing is that the second expander doesn't connect to the first but connects to the main access point instead. I can verify this in the WLAN statistics page because the value of "MAC address of the Upstream AP" is in fact the MAC address of my router.

These are the steps I followed:

- configured the first expander with an IP of and a default GW of (which is my router)

- connected to my WAN from the site survey page in the expander's interface

- repeated the two steps on the second expander changing the default GW to


on the second expander under site survey I had two instances of the same wireless network (my router's SSID) and I chose the one with the strongest signal, but it still connects (with poor signal) to the router ignoring the first extender.


What am I doing wrong?


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Re: Can I use several RE1000 extenders in cascade?

Hi, I've tried configuring my RE1000 the same way, too. Theoretically, yes, you can "extend the signal of an extender", and this setup is called a series. In my personal case for my small home, its fine since the 2nd RE1000 is just used for my sister to get a signal to browse on mobile devices/tablet.


But remember that your first RE1000 is setup to repeat the wireless signal of your router/accesspoint, which gives you about half of throughput already. Getting the second RE1000 (which detects the repeated signal of the first through Site Survey) will definitely give you an even lowered signal than that.


The best way is still to have both of your RE1000 connected to the base  GW/AP. Smiley LOL

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Re: Can I use several RE1000 extenders in cascade?

Well, as you mentioned in your post that you have provided the Default Gateway as . So instead of providing that Gateway you have to provide which is the IP address of the first RE1000.. 


After doing the same then check the connectivity status...