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How can I tell my Expander is working?

I have a linksys wireless router working just fine, with WEP installed, my NB can access it.
Now I installed a Linksys Expander, followed the instruction line by line, and had it installed successfully.
My problem is: how do I know it is actually working?
When I detect wirelss network (using IBM tooks) it shows 2 access point, each with different mac address (I can tell one is the wireless router and the other is the expander).  I select to connect to the router my NB connects.  If i select the other Mac address it won't.
SHould i be worried?  Or, is this normal.
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Re: How can I tell my Expander is working?

Others can reply.

Seems to me that connecting to your wireless network should be by specifying the SSID (Site Survey ID) of your wireless network (i.e. the name of the specific wireless network you want to connect to). I've never connected to a network by the "mac address" of the router. Perhaps others can comment.

I think the easiest way to tell if the Range Expander is working is to turn off the Range Expander and start walking with your Notebook computer. Find the physical distance point where you no longer have network connection with just your router/wireless access point powered on and working. If your wireless PC has an application showing the signal strength of the wireless connection, you can use it to roughly find the outer perimeter of your wireless access point's signal limit. Once you find this point, go a a little further. Now, place your Range Expander somewhere between this outer perimeter distance and about half way to your router. Somewhere in this area will give your Range Expander good access to the router's signal. Now, with your wireless PC at that point (just beyond the edge of your routers outer perimeter signal point), turn on your Range Expander. If it is working, you should have decent if not strong signal strength from the Range Expander to your wireless PC.

Anyway, that's probably the easiest low-tech way to tell the RE is working.
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Re: How can I tell my Expander is working?

You can always have it tested by connecting a computer directly to the router (WIRED) then try pinging the IP address of the Range expander...if its replying then its part of the network....Smiley Wink

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Re: How can I tell my Expander is working?

From the hard wired computer to the router try to ping the Range Extender …if getting 4 replies …you can assume that Range Extender is properly configured.
Now take the laptop away from wireless router at a distance where you are not getting wireless signal from router.
Place the Range extender halfway to the distance between that location & at a point where you are getting low signals from router….so Range Extender will pick up the signals & extend to certain distance …power on the extender.
Check if are connecting to the network or not & try going online.
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Re: How can I tell my Expander is working?

I'm really disappointed with the range expander. I too don;t think the RE works properly. I have one to extended the coverage to may back yard. I have a Music Bridge out there for music.
    Even though I can set the music bridge to recieve the range expander, I don't think it works.
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