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Problem with RE1000

Yesterday I got my Linksys RE1000 delivered, and I immediately installed it.

Put the CD in the laptop, set it up, worked just fine. The signal was good, and it did its job.


This morning I woke up, turned on my laptop. I looked at my wi-fi signal, and for some reason

it automatically switched back to the original signal from downstairs, the 'weak signal'.

Also my phone (Sony Xperia T, android) switched back to the weak signal, when I actually did

connect it to the stronger signal of the Linksys. I thought, no problem, just turn it off and on again.

My laptop still didn't switch back to the Linksys signal, and neither did my phone. I disabled the

wi-fi on my laptop, and enabled it right after. Finally it did pick up the stronger signal again.

I also did this with my phone, disabled the wi-fi, and enabled it. Also worked for my phone.


I was confused but glad it worked. However, after about half an our, both my laptop and phone

automatically switched to the weaker signal, again. This whole day I have been turning my

wi-fi off and on, resetting the RE1000 itself. But my laptop and phoned kept changing from

the stronger to the weaker signal. Which made me consider returning this range expander.


But first I wanted to ask for help. Can anyone help me solve this problem? I thought both my

laptop and phone would automatically connect to this range expander, and wouldn't switch

back to the weaker signal from downstairs. I tried installing the latest firmware (I actually thought

it was already installed with the latest firmware) but that didn't work, because for some reason

it couldn't find my expander, when I actually did everything what the installing program said.

Keep the expander at least 0,5 meters from the laptop, make sure the light is on so that you know

that it's powered on, etc. But still it wouldn't find the expander so I couldn't upgrade the firmware.


Now I'm still confused and also kind of mad that this product isn't working for me. I would really

like some help, and hope that someone can help me fix this, because otherwise I have to

return this product.


I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I'm Dutch.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem with RE1000


What's the model of the router? On the extender make sure wireless settings is the same with the router like the name of the wireless network (SSID) and the wireless security. Another things is the extender should be really very far from the router. A 50% difference of the distance from the router is recommended and see to it that there's no obstructions near it like thick walls, microwave, cordless phones that may creates interference.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

The model? On the box it says Model No. RE1000-EU.


Yes I checked, it has the exact same name as my wireless network, I can even see them when I check all the connections

with the Wi-fi Analyzer app, 2 connections with the same name, one with a stronger signal than the other one.


The router is on the ground floor, and the RE1000 is on the first floor, in my room next to my laptop, on the desk. There are

no other things between the RE1000 and my laptop. There are cordless phones on the first floor, but not even near the



One positive thing is that since I rebooted the RE1000 last night, my laptop hasn't lost connection to it. It has been having full 5 bars, and 72mbps (when yesterday it kept continuously changing between 20mbps and 50 mbps). However my phone still keeps switching between the weaker and the stronger signal, already twice today. I fear that my laptop will do the same. Although it has been going good now for a while. I will keep an eye on it, and hope that it won't lose connection to the RE1000. Because if it will then the problem still isn't solved.


But yeah I still have the problem, but now only with my phone (android).

Do you have any more tips?


Thanks for your reply.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

In order for you to make sure that you are indeed connected the RE100 wireless network and not to the router’s wireless network, then you need to turn off your router. Since the RE1000 will now broadcast a signal then try to connected to it, one all of your wireless devices were now connected to the RE1000 then that’s the time that you can turn on your router.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

Thanks for you advice! I didn't do that yet, because now my phone ánd my laptop are still connected to the RE1000, luckily!

They haven't been disconnecting on their own since 11am (my time) so for now they both work.


Anyway if they ever disconnect by theirselves again, then I'll make sure to follow your advice and turn off the router.

Thanks for your help, if I have any problems I will come back again. But so far, so good.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

Okay so I tried what you told me earlier, turn off my router, connect my devices to the RE1000, and turn on the router again.

I did that, and for my laptop it works, no problem. But for som reason my phone still doesn't work.


I turned of the router, connected my phone to the RE1000 wireless network signal. No problem.

But then I turn on my router again and my phone automatically switches back to the wireless network signal of my router.

When I disable wifi and enable it right after, then it does connect to the RE1000. But only for a limited time.

My phone seems to be confused for some reason, because the RE1000 has the same SSID network name as my router.

It thinks that the signal from downstairs of my router is the same signal of my RE1000.


Cisco should've added an option to the software so that the users could change the name of signal that the RE1000

is sending out, cause this is really, really annoying. Not only for me, but also for my phone and laptop.


I still consider returning this product, only because the RE1000 doesn't have the option of changing the network name

into a different name than the router. Cisco should've thought this out, because this is simply just frustrating.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

Okay I'm done with the RE1000. My laptop just automatically lost connection again and I'm not even bothering connecting

it and doing it all over again. Cisco just made a big mistake by not adding an option for the users to change the SSID

network name for the RE1000. I get confused, my laptop and my phone get confused. It's just not really working.

I'm returning it tomorrow, and will look for another range expander.


Anyway, I want to thank you 2 for trying to help me and giving advice. Too bad that the RE1000 just isn't working for me.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

Hi YJ93,


It is by design, automatically a range expander, once sync up to the router already would imitate the main SSID and would repeat it to places in your house that has low signal. I believe all range extenders works that way. If you would like to create a different SSID, you need to get an access point and that should be hardwired to the main router. Using an access point would give you the capability to change the SSID on the setup page of the access point.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

Thanks for you reply.


I just found a range expander from Netgear, which creates another signal with the same name, but adding ''_ext'' at the end

so it will show you the difference between the original signal and the signal of the expander. I think this will work alot easier

for me. Also my phone won't be having any trouble that way, it will recognize the signal as a different one than the original

signal from my router.

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Re: Problem with RE1000

I have exactly the same issue with my RE1000 Linksys range extender.

My wireless router is downstairs in the basement and there is a PC there connected to it by wire. 

Upstairs, I have the RE1000 which sits next to a pc and is supposed to give range to the pc, as well as one lap top, an Ipad, two iphones.

Unfortunately the devices upstairs (the mobile phones, ipad and the lap top) keep losing their internet signal multiple times during the day. Turning off the wi-fi and then on, helps, but momentarily.

What is the solution? Should I use a secondary extender?