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RE1000 Connection

I would like to set up my RE1000 as so and was curious to know if it would work.


Main Router is an E3000 and want to hard wire the router to the RE1000 in a room where I have a dead spot.

Then I want to configure the RE1000 as I would a second router - (i.e. cascading, turning off DHCP) and have that extend to the wireless signal where i have no connectivity.


1 - Router connected via ethernet cable to RE1000

2 - RE1000 configured as I would configure a second router to cascade


is this feasible / possible?


Thanks in Advance


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Re: RE1000 Connection

In reference to your post you would like to use the RE1000 Range extender can be used as a bridge with the second router. If that is the case then it is possible.  There are four (4) wireless settings that you need to identify on your router or access point before setting up your RE1000.


•    Wireless network name (SSID)

•    Wireless channel

•    Wireless security mode (WPA/WPA2 Personal or WEP)

•    Network key or passphrase


Here is the link for setting up the range extender:


After the configuration of the Range Extender then you have to configure the second router.