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RE1000 causing modem to reset internet connection?

I am trying to install my new Range Extender to my network. The wireless is provided by a Huawei modem, and despite my best efforts of configuring the thing, it seems to cause a strange thing to happen every time it's actually connected.


The modem repeatedly, randomly, drops all connections.


This doesn't seem to be a modem issue. If I connect the RE1000, my internal LAN and Internet connection goes down on my wired-connected PC. When I remove the RE1000 and turn it off, everything operates as normal.

I reset, give it a static IP, set it all up and the modem randomly disconnects itself again. Until I take it all off.

Last time was about 2 weeks ago and I've been online without any interruptions until I give it a go again today.

In the past hour, my modem has dropped everything 2 times already.


What am I doing wrong here?

It's a wireless extender, by all rights if it's messing up anything, it should not affect any of the wired machines.


I can't find the model of the modem right now, but it's safe to assume that everything is set up as default as it gets.
Right now the RE is not working on a static IP.  I have already read some solutions that involve reserving a static ip for the mac adress of the extender on the modem itself, but every issue that I've found deals with the RE not connecting properly to the wireless station, and troubleshooting the wireless connections.

I am rather close now to chucking the thing out the window and putting in cable to the attic.

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Re: RE1000 causing modem to reset internet connection?

Let me know the current firmware version in the Range Extender? If it is an older version then the latest firmware can be downloaded from the Linksys/Cisco website. Here is the link for upgrading the Linksys Range Extender firmware:
After successful firmware upgrade you need to reset the Range Extender. It is recommended to reset the Range Extender once. Steps to reset the Range Extender:
Push the reset button on Range Extender for 20 seconds, turn off the router wait for 30 seconds and then power it on. Power light should blink when you perform the reset process.
After reset, reconfigure the Range Extender and then check the connectivity status...