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RE1000 with WRT610N can't connect detailed.

so far I have invested via the linksys online support chat (very appreciativeof the effort)10 hours trying every and any way possible to connect the RE1000 to my Linksys WRT610N to no avail..the online support team has had me try everything and yet NOTHING will work..I took back the RE1000 to best buy and exchanged for another and still no luck..if I attempt to use the CD that comes with the RE1000 it gets to the step where it wants to connect to my network but refresh after refresh and my SSID will not show up..when I try and connect manually (laptop hard lined to router as well RE1000 hard wired) I can see my network but when I hit connect it just refreshing the screen trying to connect and then NO connection (many times it will kick me to the manual screen for the router>>??)..My router settings are as follows 5 Ghz channel with unique ssid, channel width 40hz, wide channel 159, standard channel 161-5.805Ghz, sssi broadcast enabled... 2.4 Ghz channel set to Network mode mixed, diff SSID than 5 ghz, Channel set to auto (20mhz or 40mhz) wide channel auto, standard channel auto and ssid broadcast enabled.. Wireless security 5GHZ set to WPA2-personal AES...2.4 GHZ set to WPA-personal, AES...Wireless MAC filter set to enabled...restriction prevent..nothing under client list... Anyone who has had this issue or can help I woud be super happy as I would love to stretch this wireless signal in my HOUSE>>

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Re: RE1000 with WRT610N can't connect detailed.

In order expand the wireless signal you can go for RE1000 (Range Extender). The RE1000 is meant to extend the range of an 802.11n network. While the device has the ability to extend the signal for a traditional 802.11g router, still it is not recommended. The reason for this is because the RE1000 is built to extend 2.4 Ghz 802.11n signals which use MIMO as well as other advanced technologies, if attempting to extend a G network you will not achieve the desired performance because it is not optimized to extend standard 802.11G signals.


There are four (4) wireless settings that you need to identify on your router or access point before setting up your RE1000.


•    Wireless network name (SSID)

•    Wireless channel

•    Wireless security mode (WPA/WPA2 Personal or WEP)

•    Network key or passphrase


Here is the link to setup the RE1000:


Lastly and most importantly, remember that in order to get the best performance from an RE1000 you need to place the extender in an area where you still have at least 50% signal strength to your router when you place it in the final location where the RE1000 will be used. To configure the RE1000 you will need to login to the UI after you have put the RE1000 in the final location to verify the signal strength below is a reminder about signal bars and what they mean as a reminder


For ALL configurations you should have between 2-3 bars of signal at the very least. If you have less we will need to move the RE1000 closer to the router. You can also check the status on the status page of the RE1000 as well. On the status page it measures both Signal Strength and Signal Quality. If either set of bars is red you must move the RE1000 closer to the Router.

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Re: RE1000 with WRT610N can't connect detailed.

Hello, i recently bought the RE1000 and having also difficulty setting up de extender to communicate with my router which is a WRT610N. My settings on the router are : 2.4 Ghz channel set to Network mode mixed, Channel set to Auto (20mhz or 40mhz)  and ssid broadcast enabled.. Wireless security set to WPA-personal AES...2.4 GHZ. My 5GHZ channel is disabled.

The first time when i used the CD to install the RE1000, my routers SSID didn't show during set-up.


I then tried the manual set-up as described on the Knowledge Base, and it seemed to be succesfull, but when i placed the extender on the first floor of my house, i didn't noticed any significant increase in sginal strength. Normally i have marginally strength in my bedroom on the first floor. When i place the extender just above the stairs leading to the first floor I would expect the signal strength to increase. Instead is was the same and sometimes, for example my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) cannot lock on the WiFI signal.


Do I have to change the Wireless settings maybe on the router? I have tried several options (i.e. Network mode to N only, channel only 20 mhz or 40 mhz, WPA/WPA2 security mode). Nothing worked.

Do i have to maybe upgrade the WRT610N? Is there a problem with the N-specs of the WRT610N and maybe there is comptability problem with the RE1000?



Before I bring it back, can anyone help me?


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Re: RE1000 with WRT610N can't connect detailed.

Compatibility shouldn’t be an issue because both are Linksys devices but keeping your firmware updated on both devices would be of great help in terms of getting better connectivity. From experiences I had with my routers (believe me I’ve tried several routers), it’s best to set specific channels to avoid the wireless signal to automatically shift from one channel to another which may cause dropping connection. Try changing the channel width to 20 MHz only, use the non-overlapping channels 1, 6 or 11 and use WPA2-Personal (AES) for security. Once done, I recommend you continue with the manual set-up to configure your RE1000 and use site survey to scan and connect to your network. By the way, the extender should be on a strategic location where it still receives 2-3 bars or 50% of signal from your router because it can’t extend the signal without receiving anything from your router.