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RE1000 wlan to rj45



I am a bit new on these so have to ask from you experts. Tried to browse this forum but did not find answer to this issue.

I need to get network to my AV system with only RJ45 connection. However I don't have cables on living room so I need to use WLAN to get signal there. Is it possible to use RE1000 so that internet connection is enabled to RJ45 connection BUT it does not repeat wlan. I have E4200 router and wlan signal is suffient so I don't want to camp yet another wireless network to range with repeater. Or is there other solution to get only WLAN->RJ45 ?


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Re: RE1000 wlan to rj45

Well you cannot disable the SSID Broadcast for RE1000, However yes you can use the RE1000 as with the Ethernet connection as well. You can connect your AV directly with the RE1000 with the help of RJ45 Ethernet cable and it will get the internet connectivity with that.


If you really wants to disable the wireless broadcast than you can get WET610N or WES610N which do not broadcast the wireless signals.


The only difference between WET610N and WES610N is the ethernet ports.. WET will have only 1 ethernet port however WES will have 4 ethernet ports.

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Re: RE1000 wlan to rj45

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Hi Corleone


Thanks for the clarifying answer! After reading the specs I think either WET610N or WES610N is correct device for me.