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Re1000 signal strength

I just bought a refurbished Re1000. I also bought a refurbished E2000 router. I was never able to set up the RE1000 with the CD provided. I did manage to set it up manually.


The RE1000 did provide a much better signal on a separate floor than the E2000 signal.


I then tried a speed test and my download speed was 2.18 and the upload speed was 5.7. I took the RE1000 out of the outlet and used the lower strength signal from the E2000 router. My download speed increased to 9.83, and the upload speed increased to 6.1. I tried this several times with different speed test companies with similar results.


What is happening here? Is my RE1000 faulty?

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Re: Re1000 signal strength


You can set up your RE1000 manually or using the Setup CD that comes with the device. Before you start the setup process, make sure that you have the following:


active wireless network connection

Wireless Network Name (SSID)

Password or Security Key


If you are setting up your RE1000 using the setup software:


Once you do the step by step CD installation it will setup your RE1000 properly. Second you can even set up the RE1000 through a wired connection as well.


Here is the link for setting up the Range Extender through a hardwired connection:


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Re: Re1000 signal strength

Thanks for your reply. 


As I said in my post, I loaded the program from the CD and I never did communicate with the RE1000. I tried it in the same room as my router so the signal strength was excellent.

1.I left the RE1000 in a receptacle and went in the next room and used a computer that was connected wirelessly to myrouter.

2.I was able to get into the RE1000 and I changed settings manually.

3.I then took the RE1000 downstairs, and sure enough, the broadcast signal was higher.

4.Then I tried the speed test and got the results I listed in my post.


My router channel is set to auto, so perhaps I should change that to a specific channel.

Saturday I will reset the RE1000 and start the process again with the CD. I'll post my results on Saturday.

I do believe the the RE1000 is working but for some unexplained reason, the throughput is abysmal.


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Re: Re1000 signal strength

I found some time to reset my RE1000. This time I was able to use the program from the CD to setup the RE1000.


Everything went well this time, I had to take my laptop further away from the room where the RE1000 was plugged in.


However, the problem remains the same. I get a an indication that the signal strength is excellent.


Using internet speed tests I get these results:


Download    1.85  Upload 5.86     With RE1000 plugged in and signal excellent

Download  11.36  Upload 5.93      No RE1000 and signal strength fair


Is there an explanation for this? Do I have a bad RE1000? It is a refurbished model.

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Re: Re1000 signal strength

The upload and download speeds through the RE are going to be slower when compared to that through the router. But, it shouldn't go down from 11.36 to 1.85 for the download which you have mentioned.

What is the firmware version on the RE?

You can upgrade it to the latest one which is available here.


Please make sure that the RE is hardwired to your router or the computer whenyou are upgrading the firmware.

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Re: Re1000 signal strength

I have finally found the answer. It's probably happening to thousands of users. I use Norton 360 and when I turned the firewall off, I immediately found my download speed increasing to the level that I have when I don't use the RE1000.


So when using the router only, there is no conflict in firewalls. When the RE1000 is used, it's firewall along with the the E2000 firewall  and Norton's firewall cause the slowdown.


I hope this helps someone. I spent hours on this problem.

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Re: Re1000 signal strength

Im interested in this solution, but don't understand exactly what you are suggesting.  What firewall did you turn off?  If you turned of Norton 360 and it works, that doesn't seem like a solution.  Please advise.  Thanks

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Re: Re1000 signal strength


I think so. Try to do it also. Check this link, hope this will help you with the Norton's 360 config;