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WRE54G - Link Light Red but Activity blinking Blue

I have tried a number of the suggestions on the forums, however nothing seems to work.  The RE lights are showing a Red link light but the Activity light is Blue and blinks from time to time.
I have tried connecting via a stand alone LInksys wireless G router, setting the IP range correct and still can not find the RE.  No luck via web based, set-up utility or just a ping.  I have reset the RE, router, PC, etc.  I have changed the beacon timing and other settings on the router and still no luck.
I am wondering if the RE is bad.  I have never been able to get it working.  It is a V1, so I have to everything wirelessly at this time.
Any suggestions would be great.
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Re: WRE54G - Link Light Red but Activity blinking Blue

Hi… Just try this, turn off the router, provide a static IP on the PC and connect to the wireless network of Range Expander and configure it according to your router, i.e. same SSID and WEP key and turn on the router and perform the Power Cycle. This should allow pinging both the router and ranging expander. You can also upgrade the firmware for the range expander.