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WRE54G connected to WRT54GL - but not extending network or boosting signal??

I recently connected a Linksys WiFi Extender WRE54G to my WRT54GL - but it is not extending my network. In fact, it appears when my extender is turned on there is NO noticeable increase in the signal to the laptop!


I live in a two story flat with walls of poured cement. The internet connection is a cable modem in my office on the ground floor but I often work upstairs, where the signal is usually 29 -33%.


I installed the WRE54G range extender in order to boost the range upstairs (about 20 meters from the router). It is now installed about 10 meters from the router in the hallway between the router and the room where I normally work. It is connected to the router (both blue lights on) WPA is turned on. The extender is set to the default IP address The ssid is the same. I can ping the WRE54G and access the web interface from my laptop.


The problem is that the extender seems to have no effect what-so-ever on the strength of the signal to the laptop. If its on, or off, I get exactly the same throughput!


When I saw that it had no effect I tried to get help from the Cisco online chat support. They recommended upgrading the firmware on both the router and the extender and I did so. So this is what I have -

 WRT54GL 1.1  firmware v4.30.13

 WRE54GL Ver. 3  firmware v3.04.01


The WRT54GL is configured to give dhcp ip addresses to wifi clients. It also restricts connections to my MAC addresses. The extender's MAC address is in the list.


Now there is not much to configure on the extender. The only thing I can think of is to -

1. change the IP address to a lower number

2. set the extender ip number to a static address in the router

3. Change some other setting on the WRT54GL router???


It's pretty confusing though because, like I said, I can ping the extender and  I can open the web interface through the network, so it IS connected, just seems to have no positive effect boosting the signal as intended. 


Anyone have any ideas? 


Thank you in advance for your advice!


Best regards, Larry





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Re: WRE54G connected to WRT54GL - but not extending network or boosting signal??

As you upgraded the router and the expander..I would suggest you to reset both the device and reconfigure them from scratch.Keep the Wireless Channel to 11 on both the router and the range expander.Also try keeping the Security to WEP.
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Re: WRE54G connected to WRT54GL - but not extending network or boosting signal??

I am having similar difficulties (I posted my problem this morning, but have had no responses).  Please let me know if you figure this one out.  I am trying to determine a way for the network adapter to recognize the repeater signal as being different from the router signal (right now it seems our computers view them as the same and go with the weaker router signal).  I read a bunch of other forums that indicate you can connect the repeater to your pc and configure it while the router is powered off, then turn the router back on to finish configuring and the pc should stay connected to the repeater signal.  I have not been able to test this thoroughly, and would like a more detailed layout if this process is accurate.
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Re: WRE54G connected to WRT54GL - but not extending network or boosting signal??

Sure - So far no leads.  I am unwilling to just blow away the current router and expander configurations without knowing something specifically that needs to be changed, because at least now i have connection to the internet through the wifi connection to the router. If I try startign from scratch I might get into more trouble than I have already and not get the router working properly.


One thing I did that helped was create a couple of parabolic "windsurfer" antenna surrounds. Once placed over the router antennas they boosted the upstairs reception from 23-25% to 36-42%.


This didn't help solve the repeater problem at all but it did at least lessen the pain of it not working...