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WRE54G is dead...

It was working fine until last Saturday when the Red Light of Nonconnectivity was flashing. No big deal, it's happened before, so I just unplugged it, plugged it back in and everything was happy.  Sunday the Red Light of Nonconnectivity was back on SOLID.  I've been up and down the forum and here's where things stand...


Did multiple re-sets and nothing changed.

Auto configure doesn't work.

Inserted the installation disk....and get a repeated Site Survey failure message.  Can't get past that point....

Is it possible that it has just 'died' on me...and if so, how would I know?


Unfortunately, my 'Tech Guy' has moved on (it took him an hour to figure out the original set-up...after two defective units) abandoning me to my decidedly low tech skills....


That said, is there an answer for one who unfortunately wears the title "Mr. Low Tech"?

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Re: WRE54G is dead...

Hello and welcome to the forums. Initially, I might have tried a power cycle of your network, turn router off, unplug WRE, turn off all clients. Turn on router, then plug in WRE, add clients, etc. to see if that would sync the network and allow the WRE to connect. But sounds like you have now reset the device to factory and lost all configuration. The autoconfig will only work if you have security disabled on the router. Let me know if I have lost you on that. Here are some instructions, albeit rather techy, to configure the WRE. Post back with any questions.

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Re: WRE54G is dead...

Here is the link that should help you configure your Range Expander...
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Re: WRE54G is dead...

Thanks for all of your's working again.  A little scary for us Low Techers but, again, thanks for your help & patience.
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Re: WRE54G is dead...

I've gone through the set up and checked the settings.  The extender has the same channel, ssid and password as the router but I'm still only getting 2 bars or weak signal on computers that are only 10 feet away.  I can ping the extender but am not seeing it as a device in my network.  Is there something I'm missing in the set up?
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Re: WRE54G is dead...

My WER54G is just dead, No power and no connectivity.

Do these just burn up? 

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Re: WRE54G is dead...

I just got into the same problem. I have had the WRE for a year, This morning it had the solid red light which I usually solve by recycling.  I unplugged. The red light disappeared. Now, I get a faded blue light for the link light. And no light at all for the activity light.


It looks like premature (?) death to me. Or am I (hopefully) wrong? 

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WRE54G is (VERY) dead...

I have the same problem. I bought the WRE54G a few months ago, and at first it worked well. Recently the red LED started to blink periodically, and then the two blue LEDs became dim. And now?




I am unable to access the unit from the PC.


Do these items burn out? Is three months' use 'standard'?



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Re: WRE54G is dead...


Just found my WRE54G also DEAD.

Have tried all to get it back to life, But NO hope. 


Have also tried to do a RMA, but you have to fill in a Incident or RMA number !!?!?!?!?!?!?


I thought that you get the RMA number after you send in a RMA request ??????

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Re: WRE54G is dead...

My local "Tech Bloke" took the mains adaptor off, smelt the unit, and pronounced it 'dead'. It did smell as though a mains 'spike' had killed the unit.


So, it has been consigned to the trash can, the waste bin, it's been DESTROYED!


I no longer have a WRE 54G Range Extender.