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WRE54G problems



So I bought this expander model WRE54G and it's compatible with my linksys router, the first time I've had trouble installing it since I had WPA security and had to go through the installation process however I was successful in installing the expander and it worked perfectly.



HOWEVER, someone hit the reset button and all of the settings have gone away and I tried setting the expander yet again. Problem is now when I switch on the expander beside the router for setup it shows a RED light for LINK and BLUE light for ACTIVITY and it stays like that and it does not blink. I tried resetting again and it would go blue for only link and the activity is not working. 


What should I do ???


thanks in advance. 

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Re: WRE54G problems

Since your WRE has been resetted, to make your WRE work again you need to re-configure all the settings back on your WRE.


Try this settings : 


Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your Expander, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...

1. Connect your Expander to a computer, click on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>> Network Connections - Right click on the icon for Local area connection and go to properties- On the 'General' tab select 'Internet Protocol TCP/IP' and click on the Properties button- Select 'Use the following IP address'- Provide IP Address -, Subnet Mask - on Ok button to Save and Click on "Close" on main Properties window...

2. Now open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type - Leave the Username blank & in Password use admin in lower case...It should open your Expander set-up...

3. Once you get to the set-up page you can follow this link to change the Expander Settings...

NOTE : The link also explains to check the Wireless Settings on your Router...

4. While changing the Expander settings you have to make sure that the Wireless Settings(SSID/Network Name and WEP/WPA Key) are identical on both the devices(Router and Expander)...Also make sure to change the Expander's default IP to match your network and Gateway Address should be your Router's address...ex.Expander's IP Address : your router's default IP Address is,Subnet Mask :, Default Gateway :

5. After configuring the Expander you should disconnect it from the Computer and go into Local Area Connection TCP/IP Properties and set it back to Obtain IP Address Automatically...Disconnect the Expander from the computer and power cycle both the devices(Expander and Router) ...Your Expander should be configured...

In case if you don't get the Expander set-up just leave it connected to your computer and reset it for 30 seconds and follow Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 & Step 5...

Hope this helps.

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Re: WRE54G problems

I have both wired and wireless networks in my home.  I bought the WRE54G range expander to provide better wireless signal to remote areas of the house.


I have an ethernet jack in the room where I want to put the WRE54G.  Is it possible to connect the WRE54G to my wired network by connecting the ethernet jack on the wall to the ethernet jack on the front of the range expander?

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Re: WRE54G problems

I continue to have problems in setting up a recently purchased WRE54G Wireless G Range Extender. The site survey fail message continues to appear. I am using this in conjunction with a WRT54GV1 router-S/NCSV01HBD2748. Can someone please help me out, as I am extremely frustrated?