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Why can't I connect to the WRE54G web admin page?

I installed my new WRE54G wireless expander and everything works fine. I would like to use the web admin page and I can't. What's up?
I go to my IE7 browser and type:
After a period the browser responds the page is unavailable.
My subnet mask is
The ip address on my machine is (assigned via DHCP)
My gateway is
I can ping my machine.
I can ping the gateway.
I CAN NOT ping the WRE54G at
It appears the IP address is not reachable.
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Re: Why can't I connect to the WRE54G web admin page?

Since your Gateway is and the WRE54G by default is you will not be able to access it.  Your IP range for your router has to be in order to access the IP for the WRE54G.
Richard Aichner (Ikester)
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Re: Why can't I connect to the WRE54G web admin page?

Thanks. While waiting for a response, I figured it out. I should have figured it out immediately, but Linksys has all this mumbo-jumbo about static IP addresses in their documentation and it distracted me.
Yes my router is and my subnet mask is, therefore the WRE54G has to have an address on the 192.168.0 subnet.
I reran the setup.exe and changed the WRE54G address from to
I think the stuff about a static IP address is mis-leading. As long as I pick an address on the sub-net that will not be assigned by DHCP. This should work forever. If the DHCP server assigns to another device, there will be a problem.
Thanks for your post. I appreciate it.
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Re: Why can't I connect to the WRE54G web admin page?

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proof , that the wre54g works like magic.  Amazon sold me one Aug1,2010, and I LOVE IT.



my house is too big. i retired and upscaled.

2700sq ft.

but my wife cant an access my wireless WRT54G

sig too weak and even with parabolic dish behind! fun they are...

i got a WRE54G repeater.  all Linksys (cisco) must be....

Goal 1:  
first you must get the upper blue light stay blue.

that says, unit has login'd and connect'd to your router above.
this is no passive repeater but will autologin on open wifi, which i never do.

mine is set up for WPA PSK + AES with a long passphrase.

next follow this plan.

especially page 2

the version 3 repeater has a special net cable that allows you to
connect you, directly to a lap top NIC or desk top nic.

nic = network interface car (ethernet)

first power on the repeater and do a long reset over 10secs.
then when LEDS settle , power off repeater.

you then must set your test PC nic card to , mask 255,255,255,0
using CP network applet. config pc, wireless off. "control panel in xp or w7

then connect the direct connect net cable between the laptop and repeater.

last power up the repeater
in your browser cruise to
the login screen comes up.
tab to Username  field,(un is  blank ,  (null)
pass word is admin,  caps OFF

bingo your in the units rom code. (hardware web page)  if not repeat above.

next write down the gate way of your router on mine.
then the routers, DHCP range.
set the repeter so an IP that is near you router but not same and not inside DHCPs range.

mine is and range of 101 to 120.
so set my repeater to 10.10.99 and mask to 255,255,255,0
and set my gate way to

do NOT set repeater far from router IP range nor in its DHCP range. so i picked 99

do not set the encryption yet. ! use save ssid as router and set diable brodcast last .
hit save, and the refresh will die,  that is good.
now back in to lap top NIC, again,  changing ip address fields again and change 192xxxx
mask same.
save this on lap top.
and open brower to , un:null,  pw : admin.

now you are back to the same rom screen.(html)
see same
------------------< new IP works>---------------------------------------

now flip on encryption ON,  then click on config of encryption,  on right.button.

I then set WPA psk and AES , my password and save.
i checked this 3 times, by rebootng  the unit and made sure all settings were
as i saved them. and all thing identical to my routers encryption, includings names and ssids, all. cept base IP.

they were.same. now to test it:

next plugged in the repeater and notice (pull net cable)  that there are 2 blue lights.   hummmmmmm, looking good.
this means its likes my WPA PSK connections.

i then moved this unit all over the house and found it liked being in wifes
room, (very sensative receivers)  
then i loggged in with wifes cpu, 5 bars !!

unit placment at 50% point is weak, repeater likes being close to wifes CPU and far from router.  odd but what  great BW.

zillions of web pages all say this unit dont work.
well is sure as heck does on WPA AES.



retired, tech. 62yr. lovin it.


PS; the issues is getting connected and not having the sub  net block you.

and using encryption.   


i found this unit easy to set up.