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Working Offline

I was told I needed a "Range Extender" for my son to play his X-Box live with our Verizon router. Needless to say I called Linksys who told me that the "Range Expander" that I was trying to set up was not compatible with Veriszon's router.
Anyway, before calling Linksys I tried to setup up the "Range Expander" on my laptop computer. Now I can not get on the internet. I keep getting an error that I am working offline. I have tried unchecking the "work offline" in the file menu and still cannot get onn the internet. I have a strong signal. Something happened when I was trying to set up the range expander. Please tell me how to correct this problem caused by trying to set up the Range Expander.
It is the Range Expander Wireless-G Model No. WRE54G that I was trying to set up.
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Re: Working Offline

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Need to ask a few Qs. First, did you try assigning a static IP to your PC when you tried to set up the extender? If you did, did you set the PC back to get the IP address automatically? Second, look for your PC's IP address (Start>run> cmd>type ipconfig/all). Can you see it listed there?


Also, what was the model of the Verizon router you were setting up, Westell?

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Re: Working Offline

I just did a live chat session with linksys and they told me that my WRE54G should work fine with the verizon fios wireless router.  Is that true?