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how many range expander's can i use

I am trying to increase signal strength throughout our office.  we have a wrt54g in the center of the building.  i was going to put two range expanders (wre54g) at either end of our office to increase strength.  is this the best solution?
also, we have a utility building that is not attached to our office building.  we would like to include this building in the wireless network.  it is about 30 feet away.  can i put a wre54g at that end of the building and perhaps another wre54g in the utility building for a reliable signal.
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Re: how many range expander's can i use

A range Expander will decrease the wireless through-put by 50 % so if you have 2 WRE54G’s connected one behind the other you may get around 25% through-put. So I don’t think this is good idea. Rather you can run an Ethernet cable at the end of this building and connect an AP (Access Point) there and this will create another Wireless network and you may have another AP in other building configured in Repeater mode or a Range expander connecting to first AP and have good wireless signals. Or else you may go for different antennas for you wireless router such Omni-direction antennas that may increase the overall range of this wireless router to cover the entire office area.

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Re: how many range expander's can i use

Mr. Gollum

Kindly tell me dose Linksys RE1000 work as  WRE54G.

I would like to create another wireless network by running an Ethernet cable from an RE4200 router to the end of this building and connect   it to a RE1000 Access Point there to create another Wireless network.