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wireless N router to Wireless N repeater/expander to wireless G devices.... Discuss

The Setup:

    I wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else is already using this or has an idea if this is the correct approach or not. I have a client who has a store front where they have a wireless N router. Their office however is down a long hallway seperated by 2 elevator shafts and a set of bathrooms. In the office they have 3 laptops and 2 wireless printers, all wireless G. In the store front,  I have set up a WRTN330N wireless N router that I had laying around because their 2wire att router had no range. All the devices can find and connect to the wireless N router at anywhere from 1 to 3 (out of 5) bars from within the office.


The question:

     If I place a wireless N repeater/range expander in the office. My thought is that the wireless N router and repeater would connect to each other using N with a strong connection, since wireless N extends farther than G. Then, once connected, the wireless G components would connect to the repeater very strongly since they are in the same room. If the G devices connect to the N repeater, will the repeater transfer data back to the router in G or N format?


I am thinking that if a router can send and receive both N and G packets at the same time, then the repeater should be able to do the same but I'm not sure. Any help or thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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Re: wireless N router to Wireless N repeater/expander to wireless G devices.... Discuss

There is no linksys N Range Expander.However,as you are using N router,you can use N-Series Access Point WAP4410N which can work in Repeater Mode with your router.