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E2500 - Connection problem

Previously, I had an inexpensive Linksys router that worked fine. Unfortunately, after about 6 years, it no longer functioned so I bought an e2500 router. The e2500 rendered my blu ray player useless ("download speed too slow"). My Playstation 3 online was now a game of chance. Could I get thru one round of online play without getting disconnected? Linksys technical and customer service will waste hours of your time "troubleshooting". When they determined my unit was defective, they sent me a "refurbished" unit as making good on their warranty. That unit could not get thru the setup process as it too was defective. 

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Re: E2500 - Connection problem

Well in this concern how did you install the Router.. Means to say you did install the Router with the help of the Cisco Connect Software or you did manual configuration... You were facing the problem with the wireless connection or with the wired connection?