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E2500 - Unable to connect to the internet

not able to connect to the internet, problem with setting adjustment,
What's great about it: ease of installation
What's not so great: internet connectivity

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Re: E2500 - Unable to connect to the internet

Could you please elaborate the issue that you are facing with E2500? The internet connectivity issue that you have mentioned, is it with the wired  or wireless computers? Next, What problem did you face while making any adjustment in the settings.


Please refer to the article below in case the issue is with the wireless connection.


You can also try reducing the MTU size on the router, if you are experiencing, slow downloads/uploads.

Refer to the article below on how to login to the router's web interface.


Once you are logged in, Look for the MTU option on the setup page itself.
Change the MTU settings to manual and change the size to 1400.


I hope that helps.