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E2500 - WIFI range is terrible

I got a Netflix account and I just change it to online streaming only so I needed a router that would give me good video streaming with no lag time or rebuffering also I watch a lot of movies over the internet. Well I decided to purchase the Linksys E2500.. Now I have owed Linksys router for over 10 years so I like the product and it has worked well for me. But I have to say this particular router is puzzling to me and I have to question the direction Cisco/Linksys is going as a Company. I am very disappointed in this product. First to begin the setup is confusing. You have to be connected to the internet in order to start setup procedures. While with the old Linksys router all you have to do was connected it to a router by Ethernet cable to your PC and type in in your web browser in you were in the router to start configuring it. I understand that they are trying to make setup as easy as possible but I believe you should always have the ability to access the router without having to connect to the internet. After you connect the router to your internet modem and turn it on you will be able to pick up the Router default SSID from your PC . Then you insert the CD and start the installation process. It walks you through the configuration process which sets up your router but then it installs a program call CISCO connect. Now Cisco Connect is how you can view your router configuration and it can only be accessed through a web browser. This is just not good! The only way to access your router configuring is through a program that has to have a live internet connection with your web browser. The second problem I have with this router is all though the 5ghz band is working well for video streaming ( I have two PCs connected to both my 50" plasma TVs one upstairs and one downstairs) the 2ghz wireless range is awful! It is worst then my old Linksys WRT54G router. My wife is constantly complaining she is only getting 2 bars upstairs when the old router was giving her 4 bars! Now I haven't had time to tweaked the router too much because I haven't had the time but I shouldn't have to. It should come out the box working better than the old router. I will only recommend this product due to it doing a good job for what I purchased it for which was video streaming but I am very disappointed the WIFI range it just terrible. The quality of Linksys product have just decline over the past few years and it really sad.

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Re: E2500 - WIFI range is terrible


First thing first, let me tell you that actually you can configure this Linksys E2500 router as you want that to be done and that too without using the "Cisco Connect" software that is delivered along with the product through a set up disc....


Connect a Computer to the ethernet port of your router and connect your modem to the internet port....Then try browsing and then you may configure your router as required depending on the kind of configuration your ISP modem wants you to do....


Also, poor signal strength over 2.4 GHz wireless network is there may be because of interference with other wireless network or devices present in or around your area which can be improved by changing the channel on your router for wireless communication......