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E4200 - Firmware

Hey Linksys folks , purchased a e4200 last Feb , updated the firmware to 1.0.03 two days ago , I now have a 179.99 dollar paper weight. Apparently this update isnt all that stable and while my router isnt bricked it is useless as I cant have a constant connection on any device in my home for more than 5 minutes. Would you please make the old firmware available ? Assuming that Ill be able to downgrade the 1.0.03 back to 1.0.01. Thanks.

Ray Newhouse I had misplaced the disc , but in the end I was able to track down the older firmware. Thanks for the reminder ,I had forgotten about the disc.

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Re: E4200 - Firmware

You should be able to get a good connection without having to be in the same room, but you do need to be in range of the router, and there may be interference in your home or neighbourhood. You can adjust your settings to improve your signal. If you used the Cisco Connect installation disk, then open up the Cisco Connect software on your computer. Click on “Router setting” window, and then click on the “Advanced settings” button. That will opened the Router Setup page, then click on Wireless Tab and make the following adjustments:


Channel Settings of 2.4 GHz, set Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 1, 6, 9, or 11.


If you configured the Router manually, open up the browser and type in your address bar. That will open the Router setup page and you can set the channel as above.


You should also make sure you upgrade the drivers for the WLAN card on your laptop computers.