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E4200 v1 - Issues with wireless connectivity

I had an older linksys router, WRT400N and decided to upgrade my network. I thought get that USB port, faster wireless speeds etc. A big mistake.

I had issues after a month or 2 of using this router with wireless connectivity. I had bought a LG blue ray wireless player and would spent 30 minutes trying to negotiate a connection. At first I thought I had a lemon player.....

Then my kids PS3 and laptops would have issues. I've had wireless routers for 10+ years and am very familiar with setup. Every day I'd have my kids ask me to power cycle the router. It got so bad they started using neighbors wireless connections with 1 bar and had better connection and speed.

I then decided to buy their range extender for about 100 bucks. The wireless signal in our home (2000sq ft) was not good, maybe 40-50%. The range extender was connecting to the router but I wasn't seeing any improvement.

I did a speed test, sure enough .25mb speeds.... garbage. I have 20mb cable which I pay extra for. My wired pc was fine all this time.

I let this garbage go on about 2 months to the point I had enough and called Cisco. They told me that they thought it was defective. I paid to send it in, I got a refurb. Plugged it in with the same settings as the WRT400N. Once again weaker strengths and just dropouts just like before. I had tried channels, going even with no passwords or security to see if I could just get connected.

The support people were ok, they tell you to change channels and do all the power cycling. The router has issues with design or firmware. The signal strength I think is the biggest surprise, you can be 30ft from the router and it's showing for me 40%. That's unacceptable. My WRT400N (glad I didn't sell it) is 98%... router in exact same location. Real obvious the antenna settings are way too weak to do the job.

Well I have essentially at this point made a 250-300 dollar donation to Cisco as I just have no confidence they have a clue what the problem is with this router. In my opinion who ever is in charge of the firmware needs to talk with people and get a clue on what the problem is or be replaced. To think my WRT400N replugged in, got back up to speed in minutes and I go WEEKS without a hang up or dropout speaks volumes.

This is the lesson learned, you buy the latest and many times you inherit the problems with bad programming. I'm tempted to inquire about credit card protection since this product is a lemon. If the WRT400N works great this new router should be as good if not better.

Shame on Cisco, long time user of your products, spent 1000's but I don't have confidence in the future I'm spending money on quality vs "old reputation". The new Cisco needs to get w/ the program and fix this router.

Please avoid this router as it's got issues. The older ones you will find are 100 bucks less and more powerful w/ signals and reliable with keeping up.

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Re: E4200 v1 - Issues with wireless connectivity

First of all please verify that you have got a 802.11n card in your computer. New generation devices speaks an entirely different language with 802.11g cards, so while those adapters can work with new generation devices, but they are not optimized to provide good performance. It is like having to translate from one language to another in real time when going from N to G.


Second, optimize the wireless settings on the router first.

1. Connect to your router's admin interface. Usually The default user-name is blank, default password is "admin" (without the quotes).

2. Click on the Wireless tab and do the following changes.

For Channel Settings of 2.4 GHz you can make Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 6, 9, 11..

For Channel Settings of 5 GHz you can make Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 40 or 161...

3. Click on Save settings.


The Linksys Wireless Range Extender and wireless router or access point’s wireless settings should match in order for them to work properly. You must first identify the following wireless settings of your router:


• Wireless Network Name (SSID)

• Wireless Channel

• Wireless Security Mode (WPA/WPA2 Personal or WEP)

• Network Key or Passphrase


Here is the link for the configuration of the RE1000…


Lastly and most importantly, remember that in order to get the best performance from an RE1000 you need to place the extender in an area where you still have at least 50% signal strength to your router when you place it in the final location where the RE1000 will be used. To configure the RE1000 you will need to login to the UI after you have put the RE1000 in the final location to verify the signal strength below is a reminder about signal bars and what they mean as a reminder


For ALL configurations you should have between 2-3 bars of signal at the very least. If you have less we will need to move the RE1000 closer to the router. You can also check the status on the status page of the RE1000 as well. On the status page it measures both Signal Strength and Signal Quality. If either set of bars is red you must move the RE1000 closer to the Router.