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E4200 v2 - Speed dropping off

Range is sub standard. Netgear's N900 has far better range, especially using 5G. As some others have experienced, I too had fairly good operation out of the linksys N900 for a week, then for no reason the speed started dropping off. No idea why. I had ordered both the linksys N900 and netgear N900. After trying both one at a time for weeks, the netgear was the big winner hands down. No issues. Solid speed. Best range. The linksys looks better, slicker, but it is function that matters, not looks. Firmware updates are available for both, so they were applied before full use. Odd that Cnet gives the linksys a beter rating, while the netgear is by far the better router all around.

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Re: E4200 v2 - Speed dropping off

There are many reasons why you experience poor signal or connection. Well, there are few things you should keep in mind with regards to N routers:

1) For the best possible speeds, you need to be using WPA2-AES as your security mode. Any other security mode will see your speed/range capped.


2) Ensure that your router is running the latest firmware from The new firmware includes performance enhancements and fixes.


3) The router by default uses a channel setting of auto, which means that it would keep switching channels depending on the interference. I’d recommend you set it to a fixed channel. Usually, 1, 3, 6 and 9 give you the best performance depending on your environment of course. I’d suggest you try different channels, observing each for a while, to see which gives you the best performance. You can follow the link here on how to change channels.


Second, please verify that you have got a 802.11n card in your computer. New generation routers (i.e. E4200) speaks an entirely different language with 802.11g cards, so while those adapters can work with the E4200, but they are not optimized to provide good performance. It is like having to translate from one language to another in real time when going from N to G.