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EA4500 - No Parental Controls / Weak Wifi

I purchased this router as a replacement for an AIrport Extreme for 3 reasons:

- Needed QOS capabilities -> these work as advertised - no issues here
- Wanted parental controls -> these are practically useless - more details below
- Expected good wifi capabilities -> these were weak - more details below

Weak Wifi:
The wifi connectivity, signal strength, speed, etc. - was much weaker than the Airport Extreme. Enough that I decided to disable the wifi capabilities on the Linksys and am using the Airport Extreme as a wifi access point in bridge mode only. This configuration works great.

Parental Controls:
These are practically useless, they are not anywhere as good as the one's built into the Airport Extreme. The time windows that the Linksys allows are very limited - such that I can not use this feature. For example if one wanted to block internet access for a device between 3:00pm and 8:00pm - they could not do it.

QOS features are a must for me, so I will keep my current configuration. Unfortunately I have to do without parental controls. But if Apple were to ever add QOS into their routers, I would switch in a heartbeat.

Hopefully Cisco fixes the parental controls in a firmware fix - if they did that the wifi capabilities are good enough that I would raise the rating to 3 or 4 start.

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Re: EA4500 - No Parental Controls / Weak Wifi

There are many reasons why you experience poor signal or connection. Well, there are few things you should keep in mind with regards to N routers:


1) For the best possible speeds, you need to be using WPA2-AES as your security mode. Any other security mode will see your speed/range capped.


2) Ensure that your router is running the latest firmware from The new firmware includes performance enhancements and fixes.


3) The router by default uses a channel setting of auto, which means that it would keep switching channels depending on the interference. I’d recommend you set it to a fixed channel. Usually, 1, 3, 6 and 9 give you the best performance depending on your environment of course. I’d suggest you try different channels, observing each for a while, to see which gives you the best performance. You can follow the link here on how to change channels.


Second, please verify that you have got a 802.11n card in your computer. New generation routers (i.e. E4200) speaks an entirely different language with 802.11g cards, so while those adapters can work with the E4200, but they are not optimized to provide good performance. It is like having to translate from one language to another in real time when going from N to G.


Second, the latest product model releases of the Linksys wireless-N routers have a built-in Parental controls feature in the web-based setup page.


Before you configure the Parental controls feature, ensure that the time zone on your router should be set correctly according to the time zone in your current location.  This is to ensure that the Parental controls feature will block Internet access on the exact time you specified.

Here is the link to configure the Parental Control :

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Re: EA4500 - No Parental Controls / Weak Wifi

From what I have seen the Parental Controls are nice other than no way to change the password without rebuilding the router. Seems this would be the first thing a developer would add after creating it. Sad. I bought the ea4500 to replace my old routers but it is still lacking. I like NAT and QOS but my iPhone 4s will not air play no matter what setting I use. I have to keep my e3000 with dd-wrt up just to air play. Sad agin. I have over 20 nodes, wired and wierless. All are fine till I stream multimedia. iPhone will only use the 2.4 wiFi and no QoS or WiFi setting helps. Please make this router do what it should so I can tell the network guys i work with something other than more disappointment.
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Re: EA4500 - No Parental Controls / Weak Wifi

The Parental Controls feature allows you to set restrictions to the Internet or specific websites on particular computers and devices.  Here is the link which will discuss how to set up Parental Controls to block specific sites.


There are two (2) ways to successfully block websites and other secured URLs (HTTPS):

  1. Enabling Parental Controls through Cisco Connect
  2. Enabling Parental Controls on the web-based set up page


Here is the link:



As far as the Air play is concern if you are facing any type of issue in connecting with the router EA4500 then here is the link for the same: