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EA4500 - No Parental Controls / Weak Wifi

I purchased this router as a replacement for an AIrport Extreme for 3 reasons:

- Needed QOS capabilities -> these work as advertised - no issues here
- Wanted parental controls -> these are practically useless - more details below
- Expected good wifi capabilities -> these were weak - more details below

Weak Wifi:
The wifi connectivity, signal strength, speed, etc. - was much weaker than the Airport Extreme. Enough that I decided to disable the wifi capabilities on the Linksys and am using the Airport Extreme as a wifi access point in bridge mode only. This configuration works great.

Parental Controls:
These are practically useless, they are not anywhere as good as the one's built into the Airport Extreme. The time windows that the Linksys allows are very limited - such that I can not use this feature. For example if one wanted to block internet access for a device between 3:00pm and 8:00pm - they could not do it.

QOS features are a must for me, so I will keep my current configuration. Unfortunately I have to do without parental controls. But if Apple were to ever add QOS into their routers, I would switch in a heartbeat.

Hopefully Cisco fixes the parental controls in a firmware fix - if they did that the wifi capabilities are good enough that I would raise the rating to 3 or 4 start.