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Linksys driver - Windows 8

How does Linksys not have drivers for Windows 8. It wasn't a surprise windows 8 was coming out but you still don't have drivers for your customers who upgrade there computers to the latest operating system.

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

We have asked this same question when windows 7 was released before. How can a big company not catch up with the latest releases? I came to understand that since there are many devices that linksys manufactures, one cannot expect that by the time a new OS will come out, new drivers will also be released. With so many requests that's being sent cisco's way, it will take them a while to release new drivers. But the good thing is, from what I have notices (starting with XP-win 7) most drivers will work even with a new OS. And if they don't, we can always report it so that they can release an official driver for that specific OS. And although they do not advise it, there still the generic drivers form the OS that will make your device work with the windows OS.

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

For my WRTUSB600 (V1) is a driver 4.0.1 in Windows 8 available. This driver doesn's work at all;

5Ghz isn't available and the speed is degreased from about 100 mbps to 20 mbps on a 120 mbps internet line.

Serviceline from Cisco has no answer to solve the problem. 

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8


Right. Trying to help you out here but the model you've mentioned is quite unfamiliar. Could you please provide the correct model and hardware version of the device?

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

wusb600n v1 

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

I agree with what zee29 said. Linksys has a lot of devices that they manufacture so it if ever there's a new firmware that will be released, it would really take time for them to develop a new driver for that certain OS. But windows 8 is using the same platform used by the windows 7 operating system so the drivers for windows 7 should work with windows 8.


Do you have another computer that is running on windows 8 operating system? Perhaps you could try to install the adapter on another computer running on windows 8.

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

The older driver for Win7 ( is working properly. So for Linksys; announce that driver version is good for Windows8.

Your reaction, cisco has many products so it is a lot of work making drivers,  is no excuse. Linksys knows Windows8 will come before everyone else does. So they can build a good driver or test an old driver before the new operating system is on the market. 

But for now, it works!

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8

I too had the same problem on windows 8. It is for version 1 adapter. The installation wizard said - no device detected. Entire online search went in vain.


Now -Solved !


The same driver available in linksys site works. But you need to do it manually.

Connect the compact USB adapter. Also have the linksys driver for XP/ vista extracted in a folder.

In windows 8 on "this PC" - ""Manage" in the menu - "Device Manager". you will find this device as "unspecified". For this device do "update driver". Select the driver from the folder for "vista". I have the following files in the folder (for x86 under vista) - netr28u.sys, netr28u, RaCoInst.dat, RaCoInst.dll, WUSB54GCv3_32.


It works now.


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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8


I spent about 3 hours Sunday with a Microsoft – what's the opposite of an Apple genius – attached remotely to my PC. We finally gave up on trying to upgrade Windows Pro 8.0 to 8.1. She finally concluded that my problem is the Linksys N300 AE1200-NP Wireless-N USB adapter. I was informed that I will need to use a different way to connect to the Internet – such as Ethernet. What do you think?  Thank you!

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Re: Linksys driver - Windows 8


Hi REALLYBIG. Have you already tried the steps provided by ishwara_a? I checked the Linksys website and the AE1200 doesn't have any driver software for Windows 8 or 8.1 yet. If you don't mind, I would suggest getting a different adapter that supports newer version of operating system. Or the other option is plug it directly to the router. 

Help, learn and share :smileyvery-happy: