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Date: 10/15/2012 6:56:18 PM

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Pros: I can get a signal.

Cons: I'm getting much faster speed from my wireless..?

Other Thoughts: Got this cause its suppose to be faster than wireless. I'm only getting 7 down 3 up versus 35 down and 6 up on wireless and I'm pretty close to the router. I had to return another power line kit by another manufacturer which didn't work at all and now this one is an expensive, sorrowful disappointment. Could be my houses wiring however its only 10 years old...Do yourself a favor and just stick to cat 5 if you can. Darn you Linus, Darn you!!

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Re: PLSK400 - Sigh

The internet speed will be relative to the speed of your computer's local area connection. Can you check the link speed of your computer's NIC because this device is capable of upto 200Mbps of data rate.