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WRT120N - Change NAT from Strict to OPEN.

Ok so probably people asked this so many times but how do you freaking change your NAT from strict to open?!?!?!?!? I know that nothing is wrong if I directly put my internet wire in my PS3 is on open but if I put it in router then have a wifi connection from it it's on strict -____- the model is WRT120N linksys cisco. So can anyone help me out and change it to open please? Ok thanks but what if I forgot my password and username for my router. Man I just made it all worst ugh I don't wanna switch my router.

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Re: WRT120N - Change NAT from Strict to OPEN.


You have mentioned that you are facing issues with your device that you are connecting shows up, NAT type as "STRICT" wherein you want it to show up as "OPEN", so that you can get that device or application to work...This probably comes in case of a DOUBLE NAT issue....


In this case, what you have to mention is the name and nature of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), i.e.., whether it is a DSL or a Cable provider...Second thing that is of utmost importance is the nature of your WAN IP, which should be either Public or Private.....


The problem in hand arises in case where we are using two routers in our network (Modem/Router and a Router) or in a case where we need to open up some TCP or UDP ports for that very device or application to work, which shows up NAT type as "Strict"...


Very easily you can mention the name of your ISP and also the nature of your ISP, the last thing is how to check the WAN IP on your router, for that, please log onto ....And go to the tab, STATUS, where in you can check out the WAN IP or the Internet IP address....


If your Internet IP address or your WAN IP on the router is of Public nature, then simply forwarding a few ports will make your device to work, however, if it is a Private IP address, then certainly you need to get your Modem or your Modem/Router turned into Bridge Mode, where in your ISP will turn it into Bridge Mode and will provide your the PPPoE Username and Password for your router to be configured in a different way....


Answer to your Last question where in you have mentioned that there are chances that you do not remember your Username and Password to login to the Router Set Up screen, then you may need to RESET the router and Re-Configure it again depending on the nature of your Internet Connection, for that you may use:


To Reset a Router:


For Cable Provider:


For DSL Provider:


For Static IP:

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Re: WRT120N - Change NAT from Strict to OPEN.

For NAT issues, check this page out:

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