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Wireless router doesn't work with Windows 8

Does anyone have experience with attempted installs of wireless routers using windows 8? I have tried to install three devices but they will not install for windows 8 and I can't find a single one that is. I don't need the internet just a router for my home wireless. Printer, mp3, etc. If you look at all of the Linksys specs online, none of them say they are compatible with windows 8 just up to 7. I have tried to install two Linksys routers and two Belkin routers and none of them will install due to windows 8 being my OS. I use a verizon hotspot for my 4g internet.


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Re: Wireless router doesn't work with Windows 8

Linksys routers would work with Windows 8 computers. You just need to install it manually. Do not use the setup software.

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Re: Wireless router doesn't work with Windows 8

I recently purchased a new Gateway Laptop that had Windows 8 preinstalled on the unit. I have a Linksys router in which I normally have no issues  connecting devices to (iPad, iPhone, Android, old Dell laptop). The new laptop takes a long time to connect, loses the signal, wont load pages etc for some reason. My Dell laptop with Windows 7 takes about 3 minutes before aquiring the signal and actually having internet access. Anyone have any idea whats causing this?

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Re: Wireless router doesn't work with Windows 8

To sfd1117:


I am able to see your post in this thread: I’ve posted a reply but let me post it here:


If other devices are connecting without any problem through the router then the problem might be on the new laptop. First thing that you can try is check if the laptop can detect other wireless networks. If it can, try connecting to the other network. If it’s able to connect then it must have something to do with the wireless settings of the router. If it can’t then the problem might be on the built in wireless card of that laptop. Before calling the laptop manufacturer though, you can still try changing a setting (channel) on the router and see if the windows 8 laptop will be able to connect. For instructions, refer to this link: Changing the Wireless Channel on a Linksys Router.


By the way, what is the model number of your router?