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X3000 vs WAG320N

I'd like to ask you that,why is Linksys X3000 better than Linksyay WAG320N ,what's the difference between them? Thank you.

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Re: X3000 vs WAG320N

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The main differences between the 2 devices is that with X3000, it can be hooked up thru either dsl or cable connection since it has internet port and dsl port aside from the 4 ethernet ports while the WAG320N is only for dsl or adsl connections since it only has a dsl port (and the 4 ethernet ports) , X3000 can be setup using the Cisco Connect software while WAG320N can't,  the internet light will light up Blue if the X3000 is configured as router only while with the WAG320N, it will be Red if configured as router only.  To know more about this two products, you may refer to this links: (X3000) and (WAG320N).