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Connecting two EG005W's together?

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I need to connect two 5-port EG005W workgroup switches together. The ports are labeled #1, ..., #5 & non is marked as an "uplink" port. The documentation (user guide) does not cover connecting this device to another switch. Is one of the ports an uplink or is a crossover cable required between the two switches?



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Re: Connecting two EG005W's together?

UpLink Port is not necessary, just use any ports on the switch...Yes, you need crossover cable to connect both the switches...
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Re: Connecting two EG005W's together?



"All ports are auto-negotiating, and have automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover detection, so you don’t have to worry about the cable type."
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Re: Connecting two EG005W's together?


Sorry to bring back this old topic (not that old!!!) but I'm having the same problem!


At first, I tried to connect both computers to one EG005W... the computer close to it connected fine. The computer downstairs (20m cable, if that much) didn't even lit the green light on the routers. Although it's rated for 100m, I thought maybe this small switch just can't handle such distance. Heck... not even this computer connected directly to the WRT54GL worked, green light but no data transfer, no network activity (I tested the cable, it was perfect). So, I changed the network a bit... connected the computer that was previously working to the router (OK, 2m cable, working on port 2), connected the 20m cable to the router on port 3 and the other RJ45 of this 20m cable to the switch. And it worked, but my network was limited to 100mbps due to the router's limitation.


EUREKA! All I need is another Gb switch to cascade, right??? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's just not working... and it's not IP issue because the green leds on the switches don't even light up! Even it I messed the cable, had electrical interference, I would get at least the green lights, right?


Here's what I got now:


Cable Modem -> WRT54GL Router -> EG005W (one computer, 2m cat6 cable) -20m cat6 cable-> EG005W (another computer).

The cable is fine, it works if I remove the EG005W and attach it directly to the router... the switch downstairs work fine.


One other thing... I tried to cascade both switches with a short cable (cat5e) and it didn't work too. I crossed-over the cable and it worked...


Do you have any idea what's going on??? Is 20m of cable too much for this small device? It's the only thing I can think...


I'm an IT Manager, I deal with Cisco routers and switches... those things work so smooth, I don't understand why this thing is not working.