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EF4124 Collision

I have been using an EF4124 switch for several weeks without any issues. Today, one of the users could not access the network. Upon inspecting the lights on the switch, I found the lights that corresponded to the user that was having problems to be flashing steadily, on-off-on-off. After consulting the online users guide I learned that this was indicative of a "collision." All other lights and users were functioning properly.
I then tried several things...
1. I restarted the switch. No change.
2. Restarted the user's computer. No change.
3. Restarted ALL machines connected to the switch AND the switch. No change.
I am currently on a quest for a 100' cat5 cable to connect the computer directly to the switch with a different cable.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: EF4124 Collision

I think that u have all tried and tested everything with switch…except for trying a different cat5 cable.

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Re: EF4124 Collision

You can try using that specific port and a different computer or vice cersa...  Smiley Wink
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Re: EF4124 Collision

The new cable did the trick. Very queer!