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EF4124 Configuration Help

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I've just but a EF4124 Switch but the problem is that i dont know how to acces to the configuration page...I've tried in IE but nothing...
Also, when i plug a computer on the switch(with rj45), both lights are on, the LINK/ACT and the FOX/COL, i wanna know if it's normal
How could i reset this switch, it doesn't have any reset button in the back
thx a lot 
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Re: EF4124 Configuration Help

well...this is only a simple doesn't have its own ip address and web utility....and yes , the light status is correct....not to worry about it...
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Re: EF4124 Configuration Help a little bit shy...i taught it was a managable switch but it's not...loll
 and you're right, i connect 8 pcs on the switch and it work perfectly
thx for the info