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EG008W - network cable

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Hi there,

according to the data sheet, the EG008W is supposed to work with cat5e (and higher(?)) cables only.
Is it really necessary to use this cabling type? We would use ist at LAN parties especially and not everyone has a new well shielded cable. But what happens if I use a normal cat5 cable?

Do we have to expect data loss or any traffic problems in general? Might the device be damaged?

Well my guess is that we don't have to care but I just wanted to be sure.


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Re: EG008W - network cable

As it is a Gigabit Switch and it is recommanded to use Cat5e cable so you get a Gigabit speed on your Computers. If you connect only Cat5 cable the speed transfer rate will be very slow , might be a data loss also . It will not damage your Switch.