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EZXS16W Connection Issue/Problem

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I have a EZXS16W Switch and I'm trying to connect another computer to the switch.

I've re-done the ends on the cat5 cabling (which I've run to my basement) twice and both times I've gotten the same lights are lit on the port except an intermittent flashing light on the "FD/Col" light which I believe is supposed to be a data collision. The "Link/Act" and the "100" lights are dark and don't light up at all.

I had some cat5 cable left over so I took a small amount of it and put ends on it and plugged my computer into the switch and it worked fine.

The cable running into my basement I would estimate is around 40 feet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: EZXS16W Connection Issue/Problem

i think either the cable or the NIC card of the computer is at fault in this case