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EZXS55W bad ports?

im having trouble with two ports on my ezxs55w. the two middle ports, 2, 3 are not working. Port number one and four seem to be working fine. When i plug a computer into #1 it works fine, then into two or three, i get limited connectivity or is says im connected but only recieve a self assigned ip address and cant ping anything. Anybody have any idea whats going on? tested it with four computers each with their own cable and all are fine on #1 but aren't on 2 or 3


thanks in advance

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Re: EZXS55W bad ports?

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wcryer said 'When i plug a computer into #1 it works fine'

Is the Switch connected to your modem or a router ? 

Remember that this is just a switch and will provide internet access to just one computer at any given time if your switch is connected to a modem...


However, if your switch is connected to a router then you can access internet on multiple computers at the same time...

-- Use the same computer and the same cable, disconnect the cable from port 1 and connect it to port 2/3, let the computer reboot, unplug the power cable from the switch, wait for 1 minute and re-connect the power cable and see if you can access Internet...If Yes, then your switch is functional...

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Re: EZXS55W bad ports?

weirdness ensues, went to go try that option and everything was working fine, we had been having troubles with the AC unit in the lab so temperatures were higher the last couple days, could that have caused the iffy performance? the switch did unplugged and replugged in while i was messing with it today....dont ask me why i didnt try that yesterday. thanks for your help.

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Re: EZXS55W bad ports?

similar situation but mine shows a connection between the computer xp os and the switch EZXS55W. But there is no sign of connection from the linksys router and the switch. I tried unplugging it for a minute both the router and the switch. It's as if the uplink port doesn't work. I have my computer try and connect but get limited access response. Also have 100 sent ping and 0 recieve ping. Don't no what to do any more just trying to get one more computer to be hooked up. p.s. I already tried restarting the computer as well.
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Re: EZXS55W bad ports?

I finally got it to work. I thought that ports 2 & 3 were bad also, but once I plugged in all of my devices into the Switch, ports 1, 2, 3 & 4, ( the router plugged into the Uplink port), I then reset the power on the Switch and then powered up each device individually, each device was now able to make a connection to my wrt350n router and obtain an IP address. Thanks for the help!


Devices connected to my EZXS55W Switch are:

Port 1 - iMac Computer

Port 2 - HP Desktop running Ubuntu

Port 3 -  HP Photosmart Printer

Port 4 - Dish Network Receiver

Port 5 - not used

Uplink - Linksys WRT350N Wireless Router 

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Re: EZXS55W bad ports?

I may have the same problem.  My switch is connected to my modem.  So I can only run one internet feed at a time through the switch.  What do I need to be able to connect two internet feeds to my modem?  I need to have a wired connection to my router.