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EZXS88W - blinking like crazy...

I have a EZXS88W - as part of our home network.  This switch, which has 8 ports on it, has 6 active connections on it - one of the connections is to a print server, that has a laser printer connected to it.  The other connections are to 4 PCs and a network external hard-drive.
just starting recently, whenever we print to the laser printer, it causes the switch to go nuts - the lights on the front panel blink sequentially (i.e., all the lights for connection 1 light up, then connection 2, then connection 3 - from left to right), then all lights will light up simulataneously.  then the pattern repeats.
I'm able to get past this by disconnecting all connections - then switch then seems to reset.  I then reconnect, starting with the "live" network and then add the PCs, etc. back in one at a time.  This then restores everything back to normal - until the next time we need to print (?).
What do the flashing lights indicate?  A collision or something?  There is absolutely nothing that I can find that defines what the behavior is supposed to indicate.
Secondly, any ideas if this is a problem with the switch, the print server (which is normally doing nothing until a print job comes along), or something else?
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