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Linksys 5-port Switch limited connection.

Hello...  I am having a weird problem.  I have a new linksys 5-port switch, I believe model GEB1040.  Here is the path of internet connection.  Starts with Cox Communications High Speed Internet, Motorola Surfboard modem, then the Linksys Switch.  In the switch I have three computers connected.  The Surfboard Modem is wired into the uplink slot.  The three wired computers are wired into slots 1, 2 and 3 on the switch.  Of the three computers, two show limited or no connection.  Those two are both dell computers with one being a notebook Inspiron 5160 and the other being a desktop Dimension 1100.  The third computer is, I believe a "mut" that was built by someone, with an MSI motherboard.  That third computer works fine.  That leads me to believe that some how the Dell computer and the linksys switch don't seem to like each other.  How would one have anything to do with the other? 

Are there settings that I can change to get this to work properly?  Does anyone know the address to the switch, ie 192.168.*.*?


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Re: Linksys 5-port Switch limited connection.

After reading your post it seems that your linksys switch is not a managed switch and it does not have any such address(192.168.*.*)...As you have connected the modem to the switch and three wired computers are wired into slots 1, 2 and 3 on the switch only one computer will be able to connect to the Internet as switch is not managing any DHCP and it can only provide the IP Address to one computer which is drawn from the modem...In simple words you don't need a switch you need a router...Replace the switch with a router...