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Loss of data signal (EF4124)

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I’m here looking for some advice on the problem that we are having – temporary losses of internet signals. I am not certain that the problem is being caused by the switches but I thought that I might try and look for answers here.

Thanks in advance.


The internet network is setup in a small apartment building of 24 double bedroom units (48 rooms/beds) tailored for accommodating of university students from a nearby campus.

Two 1.5megabyte modems are connected to two Linksys 24-Port 10/100 switches (unmanaged, I think) that further distribute the signal to 24 rooms per switch (48 in total).

A couple of weeks ago, during a period of high occupancy, everyone’s internet connections were very unstable practically all the time (span of ~2 months). It normally took several attempts of refreshing the page before the internet signal would kick in and load-up (in browser) whatever is needed. Then, everything would work fine as long as you browsed constantly without breaks. Stopping of browsing to type something lengthy, read something lengthy, or just step away from the computer, would almost guarantee that the connection would be lost and you’ll need to start over by constantly refreshing the page (sometimes tacking in excess of ten minutes) before you’ll regain the connection for the time being. The cycle would then repeat over and over.

Presently, after most of the tenants left for the summer, the few occupants who are left have no problem connecting to the internet and doing what they need to do. During the last two weeks the internet did not disconnect on us a single time.

My concern lies with not understanding what exactly was causing the instability and how can we rectify it for August when the building will again be fully occupied. It stands to reason that if nothing changes then the story will repeat later on.

Some of the people that I have spoken with mentioned that there is insufficient bandwidth to share around the network and so the connections cancel out whenever the speed drops too low. Others said that because it’s a date network if someone’s computer malfunctions then all of the others would experience problems.

I have some hesitations in accepting these explanations. 3megabytes spread across 48 destinations (that are never used at once) on average gives roughly 2to4 times the dial-up speed which is already enough to browse without disconnecting.

As far as I understand, the switches share the bandwidth across all turned-on ports so it can’t be the case whereby some one person logs in and eats up all the bandwidth whilst others (who come in later) get nothing.

Any explanation on what may be happening or what we need to do to avoid the problem is greatly appreciated.





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Re: Loss of data signal (EF4124)

Hi ,
Ok for a first time you can see the log of your modems,if you have access to monitor them.There you must se if you have Loss Of Signal,SNR or Noise to Power,if you have some errors there,than the problem is with the connections provided by your ISP or Modem connections Limitation by manifacturer,the solution is shaping with some software or Linux or FreeBSD.
Another problem could be in shortage of connection speed,so in that case you can use load-balancing between to switches.
I hope that to be helpfull for you!
Good Luck!!
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Re: Loss of data signal (EF4124)

Residential DSL modems/routers are not designed to handle that many users browsing at one time. Depending on the model they might handle 4 to 10 users. The other issue is the switches do share the bandwidth but they do not limit how much any user gets. Any user can use ALL the bandwidth for the modem. If any user is using some type of file sharing software then they could easily use up all of the available bandwidth.