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RE: EZXS55W Power supply

Hi folks, I was just wondering if anyone has their EZXS55W switch close by and could check the power supply for a part number or something similar. Failing that could you tell me the output voltage and amperes from the mains adapter?

My mains adapter got seperated from the switch and I'm trying to figure out which one it is from the myriad of spare mains adapters I have floating about.



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Re: RE: EZXS55W Power supply

The Specification for the Power adapter for the EZXS55W is 7.5V DC, 700 mA. You may check if you can find that adapter on any Local Store, or else you may contact Linksys and you might find the adapter.
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Re: RE: EZXS55W Power supply

I realize this is an old thread, but thank goodness that voltage doesn't "change".


Does anyone have the maximum / minimum voltage & mA requirements?

I have a couple WRT54xx & they can handle a pretty wide range of voltages.

Will the  EZXS55W operate ok on 5vdc for instance?

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Re: RE: EZXS55W Power supply

Thank you for the information above. Could you also provide the plug size and polarity designation, please.

Thanks again!

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Re: RE: EZXS55W Power supply

The plug on the EZXS55W power supply is 4mm x 1.5mm, center positive.


Good luck logging back in to respond though, that dang flash or whatever redirect is worse than some malware that I've seen, at least before I switched to Linux.