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Reset password on EF1324

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Any ideas on how to reset the password without the firmware?

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Re: Reset password on EF1324

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Got it .. thank goodness for the search feature.

I found this, although it was not for the EF1324, it worked.

"You may try the following.

Step 1: Access the switch via console.

Step 2: Power cycle the switch. When you see the “Booting Now ….” Message, press “d” then “c”.

Step 3: Press “ENTER” and login using the default user name and password."

Although there were other steps involved after step 2, step 2 is what brought me to the menu where I was allowed to reset defaults.

The switch appears to be running well and will reboot successfully every time using the internal reboot button on the main board.

I am going to put a hole in the top of the case so I can have easy access to that button.

Still hope to get some updated firmware too!!!

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